What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?

An audio system is not a system unless you hook it all together. How do you do it?

What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?
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Vanessa Hilliard's picture

XLO Signature speaker cables with my Martin-Logan CLS IIz. Wonderfully detailed and transparent. Friends say most transparent they have heard. Have Nordost Red Dawn interconnects also. These are great value.

Craig Clark, M.D.'s picture

Transparent Reference, stem to stern.

Mel Davis, Sydney, Australia's picture

Interconnects: Nordost Blue Heaven (Meridian 508.24 to preamp, balanced); Gryphon Guideline Mk.II (preamp); Gryphon Tabu (Pre-One to Krell KSA-200s); OCOS speaker cables (parallel run) to NHT3.3; AudioTruth Lapis unbalanced from phono preamp (EAR 834P) to preamp.

Guy Look's picture

Speaker cables- Transparant reference. Interconnects- Transparant reference (balance)

Paul V.  Parenteau's picture

Kimber Hero (2), Monster Cable M550i (1), Tributaries DC150 (1)

Will Clark's picture

Kimber AGDL, PBJ, 8TC where it matters (Meridian 565 to amp), and Monster where it doesn't (VCR to 565).

Joan Vanrietschoten's picture

Cardas Golden Cross cable, best cable I've ever used.

Jeff Peterson's picture

Kimber Kable---PJBs for amp and 4TC for speakers. A good value.

Paul Valdivia's picture

Interconnects are DIY pure silver. The speaker cables are Monster Superflat Mini. Naim recomends the NAC-A5 for my amp, but it didn't make an impression. I couldn't live without the silver wire. It doesn't just reveal more sounds, it reveals more music.

warren snyder's picture

kimber silver streak and pbj, mit t2, illuminati d60, kimber agdl, xlo signature ditigal

Norm Strong's picture

I use the interconnects that come with the equipment and the speaker wire my dealer throws in for nothing when I buy the speakers. I'm quite happy.

jay's picture

Straight wire rhapsody (se and balanced), Kimber stc speaker cable

Anonymous's picture

tributaries silver series

Larry Anvik's picture

Harmonic Technology - improvement is immediate and dramatic

Anonymous's picture

All Kimber Kable - KCAG and AGDL interconnects, 4AG speaker cables......fantastic detail and timbre!

Barry Black's picture

Solid silver, 4x0.5mm loudspeaker cable, unterminated. Solid silver interconnects, no shielding, all supported in air with loose string ties . STUNNING! Meridian 508 24-bit, Unison Research Smart 845 and Mystery One, Impulse lali.

Rick Metcalf's picture

You want it, you got it . . . From front to back, AudioTruth Emerald X3 balanced from Theta Gen.Va to Krell KRC-HR, and again to the Krell KSA-300S. Then, AudioTruth Clear X2 from the 300S to the mids and tweets on NHT 3.3s, and a pair of AudioTruth Sterlings hooked to the bass drivers. Unusual, to be sure! But this lash-up sure seems to make a good sound, IMHO!

Ng CK's picture

Nothing fanciful. Speaker cable: Nordost Flatline Gold II (biwired). Interconnect: Nordost Black Knight.

YC's picture

interconnect: XLO type 1 - CD player direct to power amp Speaker: XLO type 6A - treble Norodost Blue Heaven - bass/midrange I bought the XLO 6A's first. I then upgraded when my dealer had a Nordost sale. Blue Heavens have a tighter midrange than the XLOs, but the treble is a bit too splashy. Biwiring with 2 different types of wire can work, and by swapping around the hi/low connections, you can change the sound of the system.

Melanie Graham-Green's picture

My husband and I have tried most everything, even making our own cables. But I must say the Nordost SPM we've been using for nearly two years (almost) exclusively is superior in every way.

David Milo's picture

I use Kimber Kable Select 1030 interconnects. In my opinion it does not alter the signal at all. I do NOT use interconnects to correct sonic defiencies in my system, as many, many audiophiles do.

Dwayne Medford's picture

I use the same AQ Emerald/Cobalt cables I bought seven years ago. I'm not convinced of the benefits of anything more expensive (mine cost about $500), nor do I have the finances to switch back and forth. I do enjoy taking part vicariously in others' compulsions, J10's and Sam Tellig's especially.

Peter Lindstr's picture

Since the speaker cables and interconnects are the weak point in my system, they are next to be upgraded. I've auditioned Transparent Audio's Music Wave Ultra speaker cables and Music Link Ultra interconnects and I really liked them.

john's picture

Cardas Golden Cross and Electroglide AC cords

Rick Blank's picture

I have the rare and unique opportunity to currently work part time for a high end audio retailer. This allows me a chance to take home equipment and accessories for home listening tests. Please understand that I am not a long time audio professional but have been an audio hobbyist most of my life building many of my system components 30 to 35 years ago and generally purchasing used, discounted, or closeout equipment to fit within my budget. I have also dabbled in most all of the other "guy" hobbies from restoring sports cars, motorcycling, water skiing, building my own computers, remodeling my own house, photography (even as a vocation), to exploring every venue Ham Radio has to offer from digital modes to satellite communications (I have even made two contacts with Space Shuttle crews during SAREX experiments, once on voice and once thru a computer modem linkup) and yet, I still keep returning to audio. It relaxes me, is acceped by the family, and there's lots of toys out there to play with! I also believe that interconnect and speaker cables have an effect on the sound of a system...I have heard it with my own ears, have had friends hear it when I changed even a digital cable, and have even experienced cable break-in! Earlier this year I was able to bring home a well known manufacturer's $300 a meter pair interconnects for an extended listen...imagine my surprise when I found out that I could use the same EXACT materials this manufacturer uses to build my own interconnect cables for about $40.00 a meter pair. Sorry, but, I won't give out the manufacturer, but these puppies are very highly regarded by many in the audiophile press. Their one step higher quality line has a set of speaker cables that retail for $2000.00 for an 8' pair, which I was able to duplicate (biwired, nonetheless!) for about $90.00! These things are huge, stiff, stay in place when bent, and sound wonderful! I sent a 2' pair of my clones to a friend that uses Kimber Silver Streaks in his system and his comments were that he felt that my clone cables were more neutral, but in his system (Marantz CD-63SE, Assemblage DAC, Creek remote volume control, Conrad Johnson Premier 11A, Theil 1.5's, Audioquest Midnight speaker cables, Basis 1600 w/ Benz Glider) were a tiny bit brighter when used with his DAC than the Kimber, but all the other qualities he likes in good cables were there. In my system, AI Mod3A with Amperex 6DJ8's from Tektronix oscilloscopes, a pair of BEL 1001 MkIII's, Martin-Logan Aerius-i's, Audio Alchemy DDSIII connected to an AA DTI 2.0 with an Illuminati D-60, connected to an AA DDE 1.2 HDCD witn an Audio Magic Mystic I2S cable, Linn LP12 Valhalla w/Benz Glider and XLO Type 3 tonearm cable, the clone cables give me more of what I like,clarity, depth, dimension, detail, and most of all, they achieve this without the "glare" that some of the other highly regarded, sometimes more expensive, cables have seemed to impart. It did take, though, about three weeks for these things to burn-in, and during that time there were many changes in the character of the cables sound. My clones do duplicate the original's sound and have elevated the sound quality immensely from the DH Labs Silver Sonics interconnects and speaker cables I had previously (these were pretty much my "baseline" and I went thru many different cables between these and my clones)and I am very happy. Imaging is much improved, focus is better, the illusion of depth has increased, the "air" surrounding instuments has cleared and the sonic picture these guys paint is, at least in my system, wonderful! I am also currently auditioning 2 sets of the Bybee Quantum interconnect filters, one each on the input to the amps, and a pair on the DAC's audio input to the preamp. To say that I was amazed at the even further improvements these devices made to my system is an understatement! All the improvements that my clone cables made in the setup were further refined, especially the focus. $1200 worth? Maybe! I will keep bringing home high-end cables to try, but, as far as what I have heard at work and what I hear now at home, I have nothing really to fear about using my homemade sets in comparison to that which one can buy. have fun and enjoy!

J.C.'s picture

AudioQuest Quartz x3 interconnects and QED speaker cable

m@hoh.net's picture

Transparent ULTRA speaker cable & interconnects. In the process of upgrading the interconnects to Reference. Used AudioTruth Dimond before... find the Transparent more neutral with a MUCH bigger soundstage. Would like to hear from anyone about the Reference interconnect &/or speaker cables.

Dave's picture

Currently using the out-of-box interconnects since I don't know any better. On my way to pick up The Complete Guide to High-End Audio though, so hoping to learn fairly soon.

s.Ono's picture

Kimber select

Joe Kolb's picture

Mostly Kimber PBJ interconnects in both my home theatre and audio systems (w/WBT connectors) and Kimber 8TC speaker wire in the home theatre system and Monster Cable flat speaker wire in the audio system.