What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?

An audio system is not a system unless you hook it all together. How do you do it?

What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?
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Yves Lepage's picture

Tara Labs for all of the system. Smooth sound with tight bass.

Stephen Terry's picture

I use all XLO Signature 5.1 interconnects and speaker cables. Very neutral and transparent, which is the sound I was looking for.

Graeme Nattress's picture

Interconnects are home made. Speaker cables are cheap QED purple stuff. With my experiments with interconnects, I found that the topology of the cable was more important to the sound than the materials. I prefer my very cheap wire to expensive silver ones I made.

Craig Ellsworth's picture

I got my cables free from Audio Plus while attending a electronics show in Seoul. They are PCOCC copper cables.

erich's picture

Kimber PBJs

Todd R's picture

Audio Magic Excallibur II cables all around, interconnects and speaker cables! These are excellent silver cables that don't cost a whole bunch of money. (Well the speaker cables were kind of expensive, but what sound!) My thanks Dave K. at Audio Magic.

Frank Mason's picture

Interconnects - MIT Speaker Cable - XLO run in two pair bi-wire

lord_coz@webtv.net's picture

transparent.. like fabio says the name says it all. I also use nbs, audio quest radio shack, and monster. soon im going to try cardas and mit.

Robin Banks's picture

I currently use the wonderful MIT 330 Plus II series interconnects, and my speaker cables are MIT T2 biwire cables. A great combination for anyone on a mid-fi budget! I'm looking forward to moving to MIT's new Shotgun series when DVD-Audio comes out! Might as well go for all the gusto when the new audio millennium comes!

Chris, Philadelphia/Pittsburgh's picture

I'm waiting for a universal, progressive-scan DVD transport with FireWire output to connect to a 100% DVD-Audio-compatible preamp processor with FireWire input directly to the back of the processor.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

Cheap. I use what came with my components, and a few hand-me-downs from Dad. Lets be honest, I can't afford a 25K system, and I can't see spending 10% of my budget on a cables. Better to spend the $ on better components.

Harrison Marr, Jr.'s picture

I have two dedicated stereo systems. One is comprised of 100% Audioquest Opal, Quartz, and Ruby interconnects and type 6 speaker cable. my second system is comprised of all montster caple.

Michael Crespo's picture

MIT750+II and MIT330+II. Great cables at a reasonable price. Smooth, holographic, refined, and have excellent bass!

jmc942@aol.com's picture

Silversonics all the way, both speaker wire & interconnects. Best budget stuff out there. But you guys are so far behind what's going on in the real world, you've probably never heard of these, unlike everyone on the Web.

T Marx's picture

Monster Interlink 400 Monster Powerline 2

Stefan Lindstrom, Sweden's picture

P.A.D HDI P.A.D MAXIMUS (bal.) P.A.D MAXIMUS (bw.spk) Aubsoloutely fantastic!

Tom K.  Nerb's picture

For interconnects I use Audiotruth Diamond and Lapis. While for the loudspeakers Audiotruth Argent is currently in use, however a set of Dragons would be nice too. I appreciate how these cables let all of the music through. To achieve a great improvement, I believe that I would have to spend a whole lot more

yossi ezra israel's picture

mit mitinterconnector2

Jim Thomas's picture

XLO Signature interconnects and speaker cables. Reference cables at affordable prices. Roger Skoff and Teflon rule.

Brad's picture

Interconnects and speaker cable are Audioplan Musicable (tugboat ropes from Germany), but currently using Audioquest Crystal speaker cable due to space and furnishing requirements. No comments to make but 'd love to know what other users of both types think. Secondary interconnects from Stax and Audio Technica.

John Northlake's picture

Harmonic Technologies Precision Link interconnects. TARA Labs Prime1000 speaker wire.

Gregory's picture

Speaker: Kimber 8TC Pre to power: MIT T2 DAC to pre: Kimber Silver Streak Digital: Illuminations D 60

Paul Malkoski's picture

I use Audio Magic Sorcerer interconnect and Wireworld Eclipse biwired to the speakers.

Brian Smith's picture

JPS Speaker cables and Tara Labs interconnects. Very open sound!

Bob Neill's picture

Nordost, all the way,gets better with each new piece and every passing day. SPM but it all seems pretty good, just depends on how nuts/rich you are where you get off the ladder!

Keith Louie's picture

TARA Master Gen.II interconnects and TARA Decade speaker cable---smooth, full-bodied, yet full of detail. Love these extremely musical and revealing cables!

Rich Maurin's picture

Discovery Plus 4 interconnects and Signature speaker cables

Paul Houston's picture

Audioquest Midnight and Ruby

Charles Purvis Kelly, Jr.'s picture

DH Labs all the way . . . TL-1 Interconnects to connect the sources to the Adcom GFP-750 and the GFP-750 to the GFA-555 Mk.II. And then I use T-14 speaker cables to connect the GFA-555 Mk.II to KEF Reference 102s. And how do I describe the sound? Clean and very extended highs, clear, transparent, and resolute midrange, and an extended, tight, and well-defined bass response. They also give me an open soundstage with very good depth. Think of them as cables that are along the lines of MIT CVTerminators, only they don't cost as much as a subcompact automobile. So, now I can afford to take my girlfriend out for an expensive dinner if I want to. I just cannot see the justification of spending a shitload of dough on cables. My advice is to give DH Labs a try. They produce a lot of good sound for NOT a lot of money.

D Cline's picture

Monster biwire, monster XLR. I have not refined my hearing to appreciate the cost/benefit for paying more.