What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?

An audio system is not a system unless you hook it all together. How do you do it?

What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?
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I, at the moment, am using DH Labs interconnects and speaker cable in my system. Why did I say "at the moment"? I'm an audiophile; tomorrow there could be something better. At the moment, I find the DH Labs to work very well for a fraction the cost of some heavyweight cables that I've tried (i.e., Kimber, AudioQuest, and Goertz Alpha Core). Keep in mind that this is just my humble opinion; your mileage, as they say, may and probably will vary.

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Acoustic Reasearch Pro Series Rockford Fosgate Obsidian Radio Shack

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MIT Terminator 2 throughout, except the digitals which are terminator 3's (they didn't make 2's in digital). Speaker cables are Terminater 2 bi-wires.

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I only use Kimber Kable interconnects(hero). It really made a significant improvement for my Vandersteens.For my speakers I use a custom made audioquest biwire cable.

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All Kimber: AGDL digital interconnect, Silver Streak from DAC to preamp and from preamp to amp, and 8TC speaker wire. Detailed, but not bright, lots of depth in the soundstage, and musically accurate from top to bottom (no "hot-spots").

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Straight Wire, Straight Wire, Straight Wire, and even more Straight Wire.

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AA DST Camelot Excaliber I2S AT Diamond x2 Tranparent Super MIT MH-750 Bi-wire

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AA DST Camelot Excaliber I2S AT Diamond x2 Transparent Super MIT MH-750 bi-wire

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This week. StraightWire Rhapsody II

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To the Speakers: Alpha-Core Goertz MI-2 "Veracity", Interconnects are Alpha-Core Goertz TQ-1 for digital, Audio Quest Topaz for Analog, and Synergistic Research Audio 1000 for all other interconnects.

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Lindsey-Geyer cables, reviewed several years ago by DO. An audiophile friend of mine is a friend of Dave Lindsey, and he raved about what he called "Dave's wire" before it was available for purchase.

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Siltech mid range for speakers and MIT mid range as interconnects. Off course I can improve the sound quality of my system by buying exotics, but life has so much other nice things to offer and these cost money too.

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I bought mine at Wal-Mart. Hey, it's only coppper wire, you know!

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I hook my system up only with XLO cables both for speakers and interconects. I use the signiture series ,they sound just great like there is no wire there at all. i use monoblocks for my amplification so i put each monoblock close to the speaker and use a 1 meter cable \ I'm telling you, no other cable comes even close and I've heard a hole bunch of them.

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van den hul first---wonderful lack of coloration

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Transparent ULTRA

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Siltech interconnects,soon to be replaced by handmade silver ribbon in teflon tube Discovery Signature Speaker Cables, soon to be replaced by Lewis Labs "The Perfect Foil" Electraglide Power Cords

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all my interconnects and speaker cable are audioquest stuff-type 6 spkr cable-I forget which gemstone interconnects named after-Jade, I think sounds excellent, though!

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I use Nordost Solar Wind interconnects and speaker cables. With the Nordost cables, my system's sound has detail, speed, and power. After being a "measurements only" kind of guy for years, I was amazed at the improvements good cables can make in your system. Nordost's Solar Winds aren't the best cable that has ever been built, but for the money, I'll have nothing else.

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From source to preamp I use: AudioTruth Lapis (from the SFD-2 Mk.II), AudioQuest Diamond (from an Apogee PSX-100 24/96 converter), AudioQuest Lapis (from my Lehmann black cube phono stage). From my preamp to amp I use a 1.5m run of AudioTruth Emerald. For speaker cables I use Monster M2.4 biwire. Can't wait to upgrade to AudioTruth Argents, but for the moment, the Monsters are just fine.

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Xport/DAC - Toslink DAC/AMP Monster Amp/speakers 24AWG solid Au coated Cu in teflon, three runs

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Monster Cable 400 II interconnects, Monster Cable speaker wire. May upgrade speaker cables soon, but prices are pretty extreme for what I like, the Kimber Monacle XLs. Am looking at Audioquest interconnects but once again, serious money. I don't plan on mortgaging the house to put something together for snob appeal

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AudioQuest Crystal, for the most part. Also replaced my standard Linn LP12 cable with AudioQuest Truth/Emerald, which made a worthwhile difference.

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AudioQuest Type 4.

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Kimber Silver Streaks connecting a YBA Integre Special CD to a YBA Integre DT amp. Kimber 4TC between the amp and Michael Green Rev80i's. I have no idea what is connecting my VPI HW19 Jr. to the YBA.

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For H.T. I use Linn and Monster 1000 A/V cables. For 2-channel stereo in our bedroom, we use Nordost Blue Heaven. My dream cable set up would be Nordost Red Dawn all though the house; but Nordost doesn't do video cable yet, do they?

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AudioQuest Type IV hyperlitz speaker cables. Great performance for the money.

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Cheap, no-brand interconnects and 14 ga. zip cord from home depot for speakers. I have zinc plated bananna plugs on both ends of the speaker cables.

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AudioTruth Diamondx3 interconnects, AT Clear speaker cables, Wadia AT&T digital cables