What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?

An audio system is not a system unless you hook it all together. How do you do it?

What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?
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Jay's picture

AudioQuest Ruby interconnect Nordost Super Flatline speaker cable

G.  Strausser's picture

Kimber Kable throughout. PBJ, 8TC, AGL digital.

Tony's picture

Cello M&FS string 3 interconects & the tri-wire harnes speaker cabel absolutly no substitution !!!!

BobM's picture

Interconnects: (DIY) Belden 89259 cable and Mogami gold RCA jacks Speaker Wire: Monster 12 guage -> but hope to make some DIY's from the 89259 soon If you can soldier then DIY is the only way to go for the money.

Chris DeArmitt's picture

Tara Labs Prime Interconnects Bi-wired Kimber 8TC speaker cables I tried the more expensive Audioquest Lapis 2x and didn't like them. Also didn't like the more expensive Tara Labs Master interconnects!

Carl's picture

Harmonic Technology Truth-Link interconnects MIT MH-750 Biwire speakercable

JimB's picture

Tara Labs Master Generation II interconnects and speaker cables. They bring out the detail, but without grain.

Tony Esporma's picture

Kuzku Onokashimi Lishi Signature interconnects (in 2 1/2-wired configuration). Karata Inegoroshi Wire-no Signature Speaker cables (in Shogun configuration), Linn Kaaaargh Plutonium turntable interconnects (in a depleted configuration). Otherwise, just a ton or two of Kimber, MIT, and AudioQuest stuff.

Patrick Tracy, aka Svenbjorn's picture

I use Monster Cable with Vampire connectors for my speakers, and have been making due with the run-of-the-mill interconnects. I feel that maximum conductive area adds to the nuances and increases bass punch, but I'm still quite skeptical about the ultra-expensive voodoo that I've seen. I think that, in all but the wildest systems, a good OFC wire of thick gauge will deliver great sound. If I had to buy all new connections, I would probably go for the Kimber Kable PBJs and 4TCs. They seem to deliver the quality without the "tweak factor."

Rob Drake's picture

Just went to HARMONIC Technology Pro-9 Bi-wire Single Crystal Copper speaker cables, adn HT Truth-Link interconnects/digital on all my gear. These are the best sounding cables I have heard at anywhere close to their price.

Bons Poporsch's picture

I use a pair of bi-wired Linn Keilidh speakers with a Linn Wakonda preamp. The amplifier is a norwegian Dynamic Precision DP-1000 PA-amp that sounds hi-fi and that can smash out 2x2500W at 2 Ohms. This of course requiers serious cables... ABB Atom is a swedish company that supply mechanical parts for nuclear powerplants around the world. For secure and clear signal transmission between the complex parts they use a 4x4 mm2 cable. It rocks even better than Linns K400 and is perfect for bi-wiring. (sounds crazy? Sound is drug and I'm hooked!) Cheers!

carl's picture

Tributaries in the HT set-up. Kimber Silver in the tube Stereo. But after doing quite a few ABX comparisons, well wire is essentially wire.

Doug Bogert's picture

I am very pleased with Straight Wire Encore II interconects. For there very reasonable price, they are have a very neutral balance and good stageing. I recommend to everyone I think will benefit from them

Paul Van Dyck's picture

Kimber Select balanced between amp & pre' Aural Symphics between DAC & Pre. LS cable is Kimber 8TC in biwire.

Tom Selnau's picture

Speaker Cable: Kimber 8TC. Interconnects: Kimber PBJ Video Connections: Sony

Dale Fellbaum's picture

I'm using Audioquest. The interconnects are: diamond(XLR) from CD Player to preamp, and lapis(XLR) from preamp to amp. Speaker Cable is Midnight for bass and two runs of Argent for the highs.

Peter van Gessel's picture

Madrigal CZ Gel for all balanced connections. van den Hul MC Gold for all RCA ones. And AudioQuest/AudioTruth Clear+ speaker cable. This was the most neutral combination I could establish in my set.

Ruben from Sonoma County, CA's picture

Audio Magic Excalibur Phono Apprentice interconnects, Excaliber speaker cables

Ken Kirkpatrick's picture

at@t glass fiber from wadia to sigtech and back. Cardas Golden Cross balanced interconnects and biwired speaker cable

Bill's picture

Hello from Europe, MIT, only MIT but the real improvement comes mainly from the interconnect between my CD1 YBA and my Jadis amp.; the speaker cables are less impressives Bill

Damon Anderson's picture

Two runs of Kimber's 8TC (one positive, one negative) is used for the speaker connection. AudioQuest Quartz interconnects the CD, preamp and amps. My experience shows equipment with sufficiently transparent sound does reveal differences between wiring (even among high-end brands). I would like to upgrade my amps to something with balanced inputs simply to hear the difference (my preamp has balanced outputs). While my choice of interconnects didn't break the bank, many people don't see the point in spending even a modest sum on wiring.

Alan Maher's picture

Wireworld cables are one of the best sound out there, and never really get the attention they deserve unless its there top of the line-what a shame...

Sheldon Dessa's picture

Cardas Golden Cross interconnects

Runner, drummer, plumber's picture

TARA Labs Decade DAC to preamp, TARA Labs Master Gen.II speaker cable, TARA Labs Master Gen.II preamp to amp, TARA Labs RSC75 digital cable---all smooth as silk, great detail, bass, very easy on the ears during long listening sessions, and reasonably priced!

Hasse,Sweden's picture

I use a double run of AudioTruth Argent+ with my M.L.reQuests.Interconnectsare the Swedish Aurora-E. Connectors are throughout WBT.GREAT STUFF!

MH's picture

Synergistic Research is the best.

Todd A.  Lee's picture

I do own some after-market audio cables, costing about $10 a piece. Not so much for sound quality but their construction. Otherwise, I have tried some expensive ($50 and up) cables that did nothing for me. Of course, if I had $50,000 to spend on audio eqipment, maybe I'd hear a difference.

Paul's picture

I use a bent coat-hanger. But an expensive one.

Nick Fulford's picture

Type E (military grade) wire using a Teflon outer skin with high-purity, fine-strand copper with a silver skin on each strand. I found tons of the stuff in a surplus store in many gauges (10-22), and paid anywhere from $0.05 to $0.15 a foot. The stuff sounds great and is an absolute bargain. I've made speaker wire and interconnect from it, and use it for internal wiring all the time.

Brent's picture

Kimber Kable; Silver Streak/8TC