What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?

An audio system is not a system unless you hook it all together. How do you do it?

What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?
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Marc Phillips's picture

Since I have succumbed to the magic of Naim components, I must use Naim or Naim-approved cabling throughout my system . . . which is easy to do since it is cheap and it sounds great!

Klaus Armbruster's picture

CD (Wadia) to AMP (Mark Levinson): Transparent Reference AMP to Speakers (Avalon Radian HC): Kimber TriFocal XL

Utopian's picture

Tara RSC Speaker Cables Kimber PBJ and MIT interconnects

Brian Fitzwilliam's picture

I use home-brewed five-nines solid-core silver with Teflon dielectric twisted-pair interconnects and similar triwired speaker cables. Love 'em!!

Jeremy Karpenske's picture

My interconnects are Kimber PBJ for my CD Player and Monster Cable Interlink 500 for my tuner. My speaker cables are Kimber 4TC.

Danny's picture

Couldn't be happier with my Yamaha 2095. Digital is where it's at. I've got an old Harmon Kardon FL8450 with a digital optical output which runs through my Klipsch KLF20's. My Toshiba DVD player enables my entire Klipsch family of home theatre speakers to speak for themselves ...truly incredible. Analog is for those who either can't afford digital yet or those who still swear by their type writer.

Christopher's picture

MIT 330CVTS2 interconnects and MIT2 Biwire speaker cables.

David Gray's picture

XLO Reference. Although I hear differences in cables, I do not think it makes sense to spend more.

Brian B.'s picture

affordable good balanced bi-wire speaker cable Monster cable S14-4R-CL inwall CL rated monster standard 14 gauge four conductor wire that goes for $1.00 a foot you can't go wrong

Vish's picture

Van Den Hul The First between CD Player and Int.Amp, AudioTruth Midnight from amp to speaker. That's it. The First is a magical cable if it works, but usually that is a big IF.

Nikolaj Hermann's picture

Scientific Cable SCReference speaker cable Scientific Cable SCFB balanced interconnect Scientific Cable SCDC digital interconnect

Anis Y.  Jiwani's picture

For the sources, Cable Talk Monitor 2 Interconnect, Monster Interlink 400 Intercomnnect, Custom made nickel plated 5 pin din to gold plated RCA interconnect (UK Origin) and for the speakers, Studio Power Line Monitor speaker cable (German Origin).

Marty Troum's picture

I use various grades of Monster Cable for digital and analog interconnects. For speakers I use 12-gauge wire because I haven't found that any more exotic cables offer any improvement in sound. Since my listening area is also a den (in real life) I believe that the room affects the sound more than any cable might. i.e., I need to focus on treating the room before any changes in speaker cable would be noticeable.

Eagan Clifford's picture

I have it, so should you. Before dumping a boatload, try Kimber 8TC and Silver Streak.

M.R.'s picture

Tara Labs Quantum 66 &Space and Time Phase 2

ARTHUR A's picture

Metaxas speaker cable & interconnect. Also Van Den Hul carbon interconnect.

Tim Fossett's picture

I have found that cables (like tubes, isolation feet, etc.) DO make a difference, and that certain cables match better with certain systems. I teach English, so I'll leave the why to someone else. One thing for sure, if you have a good retailer whom you are able to trust, listen to him (or her). Keeping cables homogeneous is a good thing. My friends at Audio Connection in NJ turned me on to Kimber Kable when I first started assembling my collection of what is a mostly tube system. I have found the Silver Streak to be a great cable for the money inf that it helps balance out the otherwise laid-back quality of MY system. I have been using a modified 8TC biwire combo on my Vandersteen 2Ce signatures (call John at Audio Connection...this is a cool mod), but have just ordered a bi-wire run of Monacle XL.. I anticpate more of the qualities I already enjoy. As for power cords, I'm sure they make a diffence too, but since I have one Electra Glide in the garage already, I can't really justify 700. for a power cord of the same name. Listen, compare, and GO WITH WHAT SOUNDS BEST TO YOU. Happy listening!

Joe Hartmann's picture

On my main system I used Audioquest Emerald interconnects and Powerline 2 speaker wire for the main speakers(Thiele CS2) and Fulton brown(Rogers LS34/5A) for easy listening in the dining room. For the secondary system I use monster cable interconnects and Fulton gold speaker cable(Met 7). To me this is the most difficult part of the process. Hearing different wires is almost impossible and I live in the NYC area. A one year visit to the midwest would make this selection impossible.

Gary Sanford's picture

Interconnects- Canare L4E6S with Canare F-10 RCA's, cut to length. Speaker- Generic 12ga. Single on the ribbons,doubled up on the low impedace parallel woofers.

Britt's picture

DH Labs interconnects and speaker cables. I have no complaints.

Curt Simon's picture

Since John Dunlavy wrote several pieces on the (un)importance of cabling, I have saved hundreds of dollars by not worrying about upgrading cables. I have 15 foot runs of Audioquest Crystal into my PSB Stratus Gold i's, purchased before I heard about the placebo effect. They sounded no better than Radio Shack hookup wire (a Stereophile recommended component for nearly a decade) but look a lot neater. I use a home-made interconnect based on Art Dudley's design -- $7 worth of 36 gauge Radio Shack magnet wire and RCA plugs. I won't swear I could hear any differences blind, but they sounded better than the $85 1/2-meter Audioquest Ruby I had used previously.

Gordon White's picture

Kimber, Kimber, Kimber.

Adam L.'s picture

audioquest midnight+ bi-wire... the definition of neutral.

Carlos_E's picture

I am using Monster interconnects and Monster speaker cable. I plan to upgrade to Tributaries or Kimber Kable.

Michael Eng's picture

Goertz silver interconnects, Goertz MI-2 speaker cable, and illuminati D-60 (digital)

David Morse's picture

All MIT cables. My dealer recommended them for my Levinson/Wilson system.

John Lum's picture

Illuminations D-60, Kimber PK-330, Kimber KCAG, KCTG, Hero, KS-1030, and KS-3033.

frank mimagh's picture

ecosse Reference Cable throughout-the best darned family of cables ive ever owned-and thats saying some

Howard F.  Goldstein's picture

Linn speaker cables and Vampire interconnects

Scot Forier's picture

I'm using all Monster Cable products. Original speaker cable and interconnects.