2008 Stereophile Buyer's Guide Now Available

Hitting newsstands this past weekend, the 2008 Stereophile Buyer's Guide is bursting with technical specifications for more than 5000 audio components. Loudspeakers, amplifiers, CD players, turntables—every component category is listed in full, and we worked extra hard this past summer to make sure that the products of every manufacturer were included in its 228 pages.

But wait—there's more. Members of Stereophile's indomitable team of experienced reviewers have each contributed an essay on a subject dear to his heart. In the cases of Michael Fremer, Jim Austin, and Stephen Mejias, it is how to prioritize your system purchases and work out what will best suit your needs; in the case of Wes Phillips, it is how to get the best from two of his current passions, music servers and personal listening on headphones; John Marks recommends that audiophiles on a budget explore the one-box solutions that are now proliferating; Art Dudley recommends you check out the market in vintage gear; and both John Marks and Fred Kaplan offer advice on how to listen and what to listen for.

Like its predecessors, the 2008 Stereophile Buyer's Guide will help make your music sound better than ever. It's available on newsstands and from our eCommerce page, for the cover price of $6.99.