2004 Stereophile Buyer's Guide

The 2004 Stereophile Buyer's Guide hits the newsstands this week. Within its 228 jumbo-sized and color-coded pages you'll find listings of every audio component currently available in the US (other than boomboxes and other portable players), along with their specifications and prices. It also includes what we feel is the most complete listing of audio manufacturer websites on the planet.

Each section in our Buyer's Guide is headed by an essay on the basics by veteran audio writer Wes Phillips. In the categories for which we don't yet have listings—cables, audio furniture, portables, and dedicated music-surround components—Wes has provided useful advice.

As in the annual directory issues of the long-defunct Audio magazine, by far the biggest section of our Buyer's Guide is devoted to loudspeakers and subwoofers. But because Stereophile is concerned with how to get the best from recordings of music—including multichannel music, but not movie soundtracks with explosions and helicopters—we have not listed dedicated center-channel or surround loudspeakers. Using the same speakers all around is the best recipe for multichannel musical success, we feel.

Our 2004 Stereophile Buyer's Guide costs $6.99. If you can't find it on your favorite newsstand, you can purchase it from this website—use the link in the left column.