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On da cover: the tiny package with the big punch! KEF's LS50; Superb speakers from Music Hall, Harbeth, B&W, and DeVore; AD restores a Rek-O-Kut; Class D amp from Anthem; Kinda Class D amp from Mark Lev; Kathleen Ferrier remembered; RB and the Avetts; SM and the Epoz AktiMate loudspeakers; JM's Holiday Gift Guide; and our Products of the Year 2012!!!
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by remlab
Jan 23 2013 - 4:50pm
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Celebrating our first 50 Years! On the cover? SM's review of the affordable VPI Traveler turntable; Audio Research's Reference 5SE: the ultimate preamp; Spiral Groove's amazing SG1.1; Art goes gaga for the Rogers High Fidelity EHF-100 integrated and Klipsch Heresey loudspeakers; JA converts vinyl to digital with the Ayre QA-9; SM sets up his turntable; BJR and the DefTech SM55s; KR goes wireless; and RB interviews Albert Lee.
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OCTOBER!! You know what that means? Fall Recommended Components 2012. Oh yeah!! Also on the cover: AudioQuest's game-changing USB DAC, the Dragonfly; JI reviews some MSB digital; JA and the Sony SS-AR2; EL and Clearaudio; ST goes from active to passive with the Music First Baby Reference; JM lives with the Vivid K1s; and RB reports on EMI's SACD remasters.
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The One-Box Solution: Classé's versatile CP-800 D/A preamplifier; A loudspeaker for every listener: Line Magnetic, Marten, Teresonic, Polk, MartinLogan, OMA, Tannoy; MF and the Goldfinger Statement phono cartridge; Bricasti & Musical Fidelity DAC followups; SM hides in an anechoic chamber; and RUSH!
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Our Loudspeaker Issue!!! Adam Audio's Classic Column MK3 graces the cover; Affordable loudspeakers from Emotiva, PSB, DefTech, and Polk; Halide's USB DAC offers digital excellence; Elegence from Unison Research's Simply Italy integrated; Mikey reviews the mega-buck Dartzeel NHB-458 monoblocks; AD on the best 5 vintage speakers; and Researching the Blues with Redd Kross.
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Well June was Hot, but July is Hot PINK! Lansche's plasma-powered loudspeaker; Audio Research Reference 150 Power Amp; the 35-bit NAD M51; a $150,000 turntable; High Value from Polk, Dali, and Snell; Art loves a CD player, JA measures it; ST and the new Rega Apollo; SM Polks around with more Kimber Kables; and a feature on the Mercury Living Presence Reissues.
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Some like it HOT! PrimaLuna's scorchin' new ProLogue Premium integrated scorches our cover; Infinity's Arnie Nudell looks back; Allnic's retro A-5000 DHT monoblocks; Mikey's seduced by the Joseph Audio Pulsars; Baird and M. Ward; Analog Corner with Magico QPods, Music First, and the Audio Desk LP cleaner; SM analyzes Drake; JM and the Wilson Duettes; and Jim Austin reports from (the other) Portland
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The May Stereophile features: the revolutionary B.M.C. Amplifier C1; Affordable audio w/Peachtree's Dac-iT and Paradigm's Studio 20 v5 loudspeaker; Krell's extreme Cipher disc player; Quad's ESL-2805 -- a classic reborn; Bryston's SP-3 Pre/Pro; AD and ST get freaky with system tweaks; Memphis band Lucero blend Johnny Cash and Stax; and SM finishes flattening his LP.
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by hal2001
Sep 1 2015 - 6:52am
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Well for starters... April is our Recommended Components issue! 700 awesome pieces of gear. MF reviews MBL's omnidirectional 101E Mk.II; Amplifiers for all reasons: Lamm, Luxman, Rogue, Cayin, and C-J; The Swiss Stenheim Alumine; AD interviews May Belt; SM questions CES; and a feature on songstress Kathleen Edwards.
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We heard you wanted a new Stereophile, so here's March 2012: Sonus Faber's stunning Amati Futura; British digital from AMR & Musical Fidelity; Soundsmith goes direct-to-disc with Mikey; Aerial's 7T floorstander; MBL's 9011 Monoblock ($106k a pair!); Movie soundtracks with Robert Baird; and Steve Guttenberg asks, "Are modern recording practices damaging music?"
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February 2012! Our Annual Music Issue featuring 62 Records 2 Die 4. JA meets the state of digital art w/Bricasti's M1 processor; EL teaches how to solve your room's acoustic problems; B&W's DB-1, an intelligent sub; Wadax' digitizing phono preamp in MF's 200th Analog Corner; and pimp your power w/a Pangea PSU. (oh, and SM listens to more CDs...gasp!)
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Volume 35. Year 2012. We don't stop! TAD's Compact Reference speaker: hardly compact but definitely a reference; the Weiss FireWire DAC; Italian style w/Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution; Art Dudley checks in w/Don Garber of Fi; mid-priced speakers from Dynaudio & Nola; and RB reports from Blues Masters at the Crossroads Festival.
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