Would you be interested in a high-end audio broadcast medium?

The technology exists to create high-end audio programming that could finally solve the problem audiophiles have had with FM radio for years. But would you be interested enough to buy the equipment and/or pay for the service?

Would you be interested in a high-end audio broadcast medium?
Very interested
31% (69 votes)
Moderately interested
19% (44 votes)
13% (29 votes)
Mildy bemused
14% (32 votes)
Not really interested
16% (36 votes)
Who cares?
7% (16 votes)
Total votes: 226

Anonymous's picture

I really prefer to select my own music, and the radio I listen to now, public radio, is mainly in the car.

Ray Garrison's picture

What type of music would this service offer? If we are talking about a DMX-type service providing multiple channels offering specific types of music (jazz, '50s rock, '70s rock, alternative, Top 40, etc.) then I would ABSOLUTELY pay to subscribe to that service. I have DMX now and love it, but do wish the audio quality was better. On the other hand, if you're talking about a single-channel service (not mono vs. stereo, just one choice at a time vs. many), and that service is going to play classical dreck exclusively, I would almost pay NOT to broadcast it. Gives audiophiles a bad name.

Marco's picture

The radio is where we get our info about newly released music & other relations. Then we purchase CDs & LPs to listen on our own reference systems.

Chris Sims's picture

I rarely listen to the radio at home. It's not just the quality of FM sound but I'd just rather listen to my own stuff. Why put up with the songs I dont like intermingled with the ones I do when I can listen to whatever I want? In the car I listen to the radio a lot but what good would improved radio sound be. I'm not willing to spend a lot on a car stereo and then give it up when I get a new car every few years. Or worse still, I'd have to find and install cheap equipment that happens to fit in the holes I cut in the vehicle for the expensive stuff. All in all its a nice idea but no thanks. When I want hi-fi ill pop in a CD and annoy the neighbors.

Karl Richichi, U.T.  Film Dept.'s picture

Yes!!! I want my HDFM!!! and AM!! (AM in a separate unit, of course.)

Jim Bowdren's picture

It would depend on the genre. A local station, WXPN in Phila, broadcast from the University of PA, has a very high sonic quality compared to commercial stations---which indicates that existing FM could be much better if broadcasters were interested in improving quality.

Stephen Curling (Vsx1@aol.com)'s picture

interested but not willing to pay. the gear is expensive enough.



erich's picture

I've never heard a radio station NOT play songs I hate.

Todd A.  Lee's picture

I guess I am mildly interested simply because I still listen to radio in my car, otherwise I rarely listen to radio at home. Too many alternatives that are un-interrupted by commercials.

Graeme Nattress's picture

I don't listen to radio as I don't like the music they play!

Federico Cribiore's picture

Radio, BAH! The day that they get a jockey who knows my musical tastes better than I do, then maybe. Until then, I'll broaden my horizons with recommendations from friends.

Seth Jakel's picture

I would need to find out more about this new medium, and the equipment required for it, before I can commit myself to it. But the possibility does sound interesting.

Millhouse's picture

I am satisfied with FM radio. It gives me an opportunity to hear the current crop of songs on the radio, and the selections I wouldn't/haven't purchased. For these purposes, I think FM is fine.

Scot Forier's picture

I would become very interested if what was broadcast was useful to my needs. I would like to receive my favorite local stations at a greater distance than I currently can receive them. I would like to see scrolling text with artist, song, weather, traffic, etc. . . . If all that can happen, I would be interested.

gulliver@pacinfo.com's picture

Not only for music, but also especially if it would allow me to listen to distant AM and shortwave stations not available to me over the airwaves. Rush is right!

Charles Purvis Kelly, Jr.'s picture

Don't know....let's wait and see. chaskelljr1_@hotmail.com

carl's picture

It better be good and relativley Commercial free.....sorta like Cable and or DBS music channels.

Harvey B.  Toronto Canada.'s picture

With all the great tuners on the market and cd's NOW starting to sound great; I can't see how HEAP could make a go of it with out ending up in a heap.

Mannie Smith's picture

Mildy bemused!

Rollo J.  Brewster's picture

Oh boy, souped-up FM. Like between listening to two-channel, home theater, watching football, and working for a living, I have time to worry about listening to the radio? FM is to go to sleep by. Otherwise, it's musical Geritol. How much more media format bombardment can a guy worry about?

Dan Landen's picture

Only if ALL formats of music were represented, not just the audiophile labels, because they don't represent every genre of the music industry. If they only cater to the audiophile labels, then forget the whole idea. Not that their artists and recording techniques are bad, but they just don't represent all the musical genres that there are.

David L.  Wyatt, Jr.'s picture

I love radio, but more to learn about new music than for serious listening. Current FM is good enough for that. What I think the high end really needs is an inexpensive tuner that does a decent job with difficult signals at an entry-level price. Most of the stuff I see either costs the farm or works only on ideal signals.

Evan Champion's picture

How can I enjoy a high-quality broadcast if it is riddled with commercials?

Kevin Heine's picture

Only if it is a free site for musical exploration.

Rob Bertando's picture

The biggest problem with FM is the programming, not the sound quality. Sure, the sound quality stinks, but the program material stinks worse!

John at JC3RD@AOL.COM's picture

It sounds like it might be a good idea. I would want to know more about it first however. The cost of both the equipment and service would be a stumbling block if it was to be priced high. It would also depend on what types of music were to be played and when.

Robert Rogacki's picture

I listen to Music Choice on DSS whenever I'm not listening to CDs or vinyl. FM sucks, and we certainly do need a new, higher-quality means of broadcasting music. I would buy the new equipment in a heartbeat.

Al Marcy's picture

... unles it is talk shows :-)

Ken's picture

Bring it on!