Wilson & dCS in Santa Monica, Wednesday & Thursday

On Wednesday and Thursday, April 6 & 7, 5:30pm–8:30pm, The Audio Salon (Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Unit F1, Santa Monica) will present the first public demonstration in California of Wilson Audio's new Alexx loudspeaker.

John Quick from dCS will be discussing and demonstrating the new Rossini Player, Rossini Clock, and the Vivaldi 2.0 Playback System while Bill McKiegan from Dan D'Agostino will be present on Thursday to demonstrate the new Momentum Series amplification. The SAT tonearm, with a Lyra Atlas Reference phono cartridge, will be mounted on the TechDAS Air Force One turntable and the system cabling will all be via Transparent Audio's Generation 5 cables. Powering all: the StroMtank Ultimate Independent Power Supply.

Space will be limited, so please RSVP to (310) 863-0863.

Rivix's picture

Does anyone else feel that Wilson maybe needs to hire a forward thinking industrial designer in order to continue to get their great sound heard in the age of Magico?

Venere's picture

A couple comments: Not sure I would hold Magico up as the benchmark for design. Maybe Sonus Faber, Gauder, Kharma, and others. Also, I agree, not a fan of the Wilson "look" (love the sound though..) but it's hard to imagine a particularly attractive way to implement their signature tech of having independently adjustable modules for each frequency range. None of the other "better looking" speaker designs use that level of adjustability, hence much easier to make a pretty box.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Magico is a separate speaker company from Wilson. Alon Wolf of Magico would strongly dispute the notion that the Age of Magico is anything other than the present, although Wilson would argue just as strongly that Wilson has never had a finer sounding line-up than its current offerings.

Industrial design and sound engineering are two different areas. If the Alexx's design doesn't appeal to you, so be it. But, as Venere has already mentioned, Wilson's highly adjustable modular approach does to a significant effect affect the appearance of their loudspeakers.

Rob P's picture

Magico or not, these must get the award for the ugliest, most uninspiring, loudspeakers ever. There is no excuse here (other “adjustable” loudspeakers can actually look good, if you try, see Focal EM).