WIlson Alexx Debut in Manhattan Wednesday

Wednesday 19 October, 6:00–9:00 pm, Manhattan dealer Innovative Audio (Architects & Designers Building 150 East 58th, Street Level, New York City), is hosting Wilson Audio's Peter McGrath, who will be presenting the new Alexx loudspeaker. Refreshments will be provided. RSVP by phone to (212) 634-4444 or via email.

Anton's picture

I will go to one of these when they show a product ad with wires hooked up to the gear.

cgh's picture

It's bluetooth.

Anton's picture

And solar powered, obviously!


Kal Rubinson's picture

Looks more like FireWire.:-)

misterc59's picture

Here I thought they were using Transparent Cables...

Kal Rubinson's picture

FWIW, they used massive, expensive cables for the demo.

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Peter said, I think jokingly, that the cabling cost as much as the speakers.

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Wilsons are voiced using Transparent cable, and, depending upon dealer and associated equipment, often shown with either top-of-the-line Transparent or Nordost... sometimes other brands, including AudioQuest. Top level cabling from these companies is quite expensive. The reason for using it is to allow you to hear the speaker/system's full potential. The good thing, for people in attendance, is that such cabling does not mask flaws. If they're there, you'll hear them.

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"Smile when you say that, mister!" ......err, Peter.

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..driven by Doshi electronics. Nothing exemplary given the price point..