What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?

An audio system is not a system unless you hook it all together. How do you do it?

What types of interconnects and speaker cables do you use in your system?
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Carl's picture

Kimber 4tc for the highs Zap 3 for the lows Kimber pbj and hero interconnects

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Gardiner McCauley's picture

Aural Symphonics AS-1 interconnects Audioquest Midnight speaker cable

Pete's picture

Kimber Cable PBJ interconnects and 4TC to hook up the speakers.

Art Altman's picture

Goertz Sapphire interconnects, Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables. Both are FABULOUS.

Ken's picture

Tin foil and paper clips wrapped with duct tape.

Chazz's picture

AudioQuest Type 6. It's a bit too laid back for me. I prefer a more forward, faster cable.

Atit Mingvimol's picture

I use the Nordost Blueheaven interconnect and speaker cables and I do like them a lot. I found that they were very well compatible with wide range of equipments I had try. They didn't seem to favor any eqipment over another, so when I changed equpments in my system these cables stayed. These saved me a lot of money to 'matched' the cables to any specific eqipments, very good indeed.



Androo Cliff's picture

Interconnects: Nordost Red Dawn. Speaker Cable: Nordost Blue Heaven. Excellent cables, they made a real difference to my previous cables (Audioquest/Cabletalk)!

A.  Lungu's picture

Tara Labs Decade interconnects and speaker wire. Very smooth sounding especially for tube-based sysytem.

derrick s.  wood's picture

AudioQuest cable is the goods. In the scheme of things, it's not outrageously priced and it sounds damn good.

E.casey's picture

MIT T2 speaker MIT T3 pre-to-amp Audioquest Topaz Interconnect Straightwire Symphony Digital Cable Straightwire/Moster Svideo

Paul Foley, Whiteman AFB, MO's picture

I use Kimber Kable in my system. It doesn't pull your attention to any given area of sound, while it clears away the mist, that fine veil-ish barrier that can be between the music and you. Their lower-priced wires are amazing for the money. The PBJs, the Silver Streak, and the 4TC, 8TC are outstanding values. I have greatly enjoyed them and they have worked well in any system I have tried them in.

Jon Andresen's picture

Dunlvay Audio interconnects and speaker cables. These are relatively inexpensive cables that really deliver the sonic goods. The speaker cables are impedence-matched to my Dunlavy speakers and make for a good combination. I have tried other cables, but the only cables that compare are very much more expensive than the Dunlavy cables.

JL's picture

I use Radio shack Gold Series cables. These handle the audio and video responsibilities. I use a Monster THX certified subwoofer cable to round up the rest of my components. All these cables perform extremely well. Especially, the Radio Shack cables. They are not cheaply constructed. They are fine cables.

Eric's picture

DH Labs Silver Sonics BL1 Series II and T-14 Good for the price

David V.'s picture

Modified cord stripped from a lamp in my apartment. After about a couple weeks of use in the old lamp, strip them down and use them for the speakers in your system; you needn't wait, because you have already broken them in with electrical use. The imaging is precise and dead on, the soundstage REALLY opens, and the bass becomes seismic in scale. Highly recommended for those who feel that networks and the like are the only way to go. Budget-minded and reference-finded, baby!

Ed Padden's picture

AudioQuest. I think it is the best in its pirce class. More air and detail than the others

Pimuk Rakkanam's picture

2 pairs of NBS Mini Serpent

Pimuk Rakkanam's picture

Two pairs of NBS Mini Serpent. They're economical, with great properties found in more expensive cables. The AQ Indigo II speaker cable is musical enough. That's okay for me---why bother with pricey stuff? I believe music reproduction should not hurt anybody's wallet unless you are a Zillionaire.

Perry Yoranouw's picture

Kimber Cable 8TC Bi wired Shotgun configuration, Silver Streaks interconnect.

Dan Escamilla's picture

AQ Quartz & Ruby interconnects, AQ Indigo+ for the speakers. On a budget, this is nice stuff.

Von Neumann's picture

DH Labs Silver Sonics - interconnects and speaker wire

Mark Reynolds's picture

Kimber Silver Streak interconnects and MIT Terminator 2 speaker cables---great combo, strong in every area.

David Kessel's picture

Make my own kimber interconnects with PJB wire and vampire RCA jacks

Andrew Johnson's picture

Kimber's PBJ and Hero interconnects. I'm wanting to upgrade, but I'm going to wait until my CAP 151 is shipping to me so I can try out new interconncets of (hopefully) higher quality.

Mike DesJardins's picture

I've got a bastard combo of Vampire Wire, Cardas, Kimber Select, and NO DAMNED BOXES. Just well-engineered stuff.

Rob Cornelson's picture

I've always been partial to Kimber Kables. I use Silver Streak interconnects and a double run of 8TC for speaker cables.

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I'm a Kimber Kable man. Silver Streak interconnects throughout, with speakers biwired with 8TC & 4TC. I had used Monster Cable until their turbine connection got a death grip on my TV and I tore off one of the RCA jacks accidentally. No such problems with Kimber.