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What type of speakers for background music?

I was wondering what would make for good background listening speakers. I am asking because I would love to step up my music listening experience for when I am making dinner, working on a project, etc. I am not always in the sweet-spot in situations like this. Currently our living room has a basic/entry level set-up. They're Ohm E2 loudspeakers which definitely are enjoyable to listen to but I wonder whether there is something better for background listening. I have heard the newer Ohm Walsh speakers are a good idea because they're omni-directional speakers and wondered about the logic behind that thinking. I was just curious about this idea and wondered what others had in mind.
I appreciate any feedback.

Kal Rubinson
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Better and background

Better and background listening are an odd mix. What is wrong with listening to the regular system (or an improved version of it) from another room?

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