Wharfedale Diamond 10.7 loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Three-way, unshielded, reflex-loaded, floorstanding loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" (25mm) soft-dome tweeter, 2" (50mm) dome midrange unit, two 6.5" (165mm) woven-Kevlar–cone woofers. Crossover frequencies: 150Hz/850Hz/4.5kHz. Frequency range: 30Hz–24kHz. HF limit (–10dB): 44kHz. Nominal impedance: 6 ohms. Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m. Recommended amplification: 30–200W.
Dimensions: 37.6" (965mm) H by 8.7" (223mm) W by 11.7" (301mm) D. With spiked feet: 39.8" (1020mm) H. Weight: Not specified.
Finishes: Blackwood, Cinnamon Cherry, Quilted Rosewood.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: DX7001571L & R.
Price: $1299/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 50.
Manufacturer: Wharfedale, Unit 4, St. Margaret's Way, Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England PE29 6EB, UK. Tel: (44) (0)1480-452561. Web: www.wharfedale.co.uk. US distributor: Sound Solutions, LLC, 1811 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660. Tel: (312) 738-5025. Web: www.soundsolutionsus.com.

US distributor: Sound Solutions, LLC
1811 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL 60660
(312) 738-5025

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Great comparison review, Robert. My question however regards the Wharfedale Diamond bookshelves. Woud you recommend the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 over say the Epos Epic 1?

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Although by no means I'm intending to undervalue any reviewer's opinion, I strongly suggest that you should find out by yourself if one of them fits your tastes and requirements. Some dealer can possibly demonstrate both of them to you. Along with Stereophile's brilliant reviews, give your ears a chance and trust them!