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I like concept of this speakers, but have some questions.

1/ I'm afraid they can add some their "character" to sound ? Are they transparent and neutral enough to for acoustic and classic music ?

2/ Would be new amp & streamer Marantz PM7000N good partner for Lintons ?

3/ I prefer listening on low volume levels, so I need some speakers that are able to play quiet more than loud. How good are Lintons in this area ?

4/ Are Lintons suitable for small rooms (15-20m2) and less than 2m stereo base ?

5/ I heard some common speakers (Focal, Dali, Dynaudio ..) but it was not able to play at lower levels - sound lacked texture and timbre, was too shouty and I was tired very quickly and missed emotions of music ... I'm looking for more full, natural, easy flowing and clean sound, with texture and timbre of instruments and voice. Bass should be deep enough, but not bloated, humming, undiferentiated - it should be able to play sound of acoustic bass, violoncello, viola gamba with their body and wood.

6/ Are there some better speakers (up to $1500-2000) for low level listening of acoustic, vocal and opera, baroque and classical music, for jazz and rock, world music ?

Can somebody answer my questions please ? :)
Thank you

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Since you like listening to music at low volumes, have you considered headphones instead of loudspeakers?

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