On the way to SSI 2014

It's Friday, March 28, about 11 am. I'm on the Toronto-to-Montreal train, checking the Stereophile website. Art Dudley has a SSI 2014 show report posting up already! A travelogue is a good idea; I'll try to follow Art's lead. Alas, the scenery is not the most photogenic, and shooting from a moving train has its challenges. For me, travelling by train has an association with Hitchcock: North by Northwest and The Lady Vanishes. I look at my fellow passengers; none of them bears a resemblance to Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, or Margaret Lockwood. There seems to be nothing sinister going on.

Ah, we're arriving at Cobourg. I can at least take a picture of the station.

I sent the picture and text of the posting to my wife, Beverley, and this was her response:

"I'm looking at the picture again and it is so perfectly Canadian . . . bleak, empty and drizzly. Not a soul in sight.

Maybe there is something sinister going on after all; maybe all the Via Rail agents and all the customers have been locked in the dark basement of the station and foreign agents have already boarded the train to begin doing their dastardly deeds. Be careful . . . trust no-one!"

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Oh my god. I was riding my motorcycle with my then-spouse from Toronto to Kingston, and we were soaking wet and the motorcycle's electrics did not like it any better than we did. We finally stopped at a hotel in Cobourg to dry off. We checked in, got some towels, and went upstairs, When we reached our room my partner said "I don't think the desk clerk expected us to stay here". We didn't.