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Upgrading from Sonos Connect ?

Hi all,
I'm new to this forum, and hope I can get some advice.

Think its time for a change from my connect. I have also 3 sonos units through the house, and wondering how I can upgrade my streamer, and still have the facility to play multiroom with the wireless sonos speakers, and have android browsing and control. Would I need something like roon along with the streamer to give me the multiroom functionality. Would like the streamer to be able to take my TV optical in. Budget is up to 1500€.(might stretch a bit if I got the right solution)

Sonos connect
Cyrus dacx+,
Cyrus 6 vs2 amp as pre,
Curus X Power (single at the moment),
Cyrus PSX-R (feeding the X Power).
KEF C95's (1988!!)
Sonos Play 5
Sonos Play 3 (pair)
S.M.S.L T1 as headphone amp, with HD650's
Music library on network computer, all flac,
Spotify, and might add tidal as some point.

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