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Tone control.

Thinking about a Bobcat review, but I am not sure what measurements would prove meaningful. Suggestions are welcome.

Happy Hogmanay

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

Of course Stereophile should review this device, it may well be a"tone control" but so was the Aphex Aural Exciter which enhanced so many analogue multitrack albums by Jackson Brown,Linda Ronstadt,James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac. They gave it album credits.Phase shift and synthesised harmonics
lifted voices and insruments from dark multi-bounced masters.
Richard Burwen knows a thing or two about eq (Cello Pallete)
Mark Levinson is some sort of audio svengali, who uses Ralph Loren marketing,and is not adverse to co author a sex manual and play bass with the stars!
This is enough to warrant a journalistic probe.
MP3 is low rent but we need to know whats up in this fast developing field, makes more sense than silly analogue transcription devices with World Bank budgets.
Do a blind test John , and confound the Guardian Newspaper.


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