Tom Jung: I Want More! DMP Discography

Sidebar: DMP Discography

All titles listed are CD-Format Recordings. Selected recordings will be available on Super Audio CD.

Jay Anderson
Local Color, CD-507
Next Exit, CD-490

The Lynne Arriale Trio
The Eyes Have It, CD-502
When You Listen, CD-511
With Words Unspoken, CD-518
One of my favorites—J-10)

Billy Barber
Lighthouse, CD-455
Shades of Gray, CD-445

Joe Beck & Ali Ryerson
Alto, CD-521**
Back to Beck, CD-464
Friends, CD-446
The Journey, CD-481
Relaxin', CD-444

Shelly Berg
The Joy, CD-3002
Warren Bernhardt
Ain't Life Grand, CD-478
Family Album, CD-499
Hands On, CD-457
Heat of the Moment, CD-468
Reflections, CD-489
Trio, CD-441

Bob's Diner
Radio Face, CD-483
Bob's Diner, CD-471
Janice Borla
Lunar Octave, CD-3004

David Charles & David Friedman
Junkyard, CD-491

The Steve Davis Project
Quality of Silence, CD-522**
Excellent jazz; a knockout in DSD!—J-10)
Songs We Know, CD-3005

Garry Dial & Dick Oatts
Brassworks, CD-477
Dial & Oatts, CD-465
Dial & Oatts Play Cole Porter, CD-495
The DMP Big Band
Big Band Potpourri, CD*
Carved in Stone, CD-512*
The Glenn Miller Project, CD-519*
Salutes Duke Ellington, CD-520*

DMP Surround Sounds, CD-1759*

The Dolphins with Dan Brubeck
Malayan Breeze, CD-474
Old World New World, CD-487

Double Image
Open Hand, CD-503

Ray Drummond/Hank Jones/Billy Higgins
The Essence, CD-480
Jazz lovers: don't miss this one!—J-10)

The Fantasy Band
The Fantasy Band, CD-496
Sweet Dreams, CD-508

Manfredo Fest
Braziliana, CD-459
Jungle Cat, CD-470

Flim & The BB's
Big Notes, CD-454
Big Notes Gold, CD-9002
Further Adventures Of, CD-462
Neon, CD-458
Tricycle, CD-443
Tricycle Gold, CD-9000
Tunnel, CD-447

Keith Foley
Music for Christmas, CD-452

Giacomo Gates
Blue Skies, CD-3001

The Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble
Different Strokes, CD-485
The Gamut, CD-505
Lift Off, CD-498
World Music Tour, CD-514*

Andy LaVerne
Jazz Piano Lineage, CD-463
Liquid Silver, CD-449

Jay Leonhart
Salamander Pie, CD-442

Chuck Loeb
Balance, CD-484
Life Colors, CD-475
Magic Fingers, CD-472
Mediterranean, CD-494
Memory Lane, CD-517*
Simple Things, CD-504

The Mann Brothers
Mann to Mann, CD-500

Bill Mays & Ray Drummond
One to One, CD-473
One to One 2, CD-482

Bob Mintzer Big Band
Art of the Big Band, CD-479
Big Band Trane, CD-515*
Camouflage, CD-456
Departure, CD-493
The First Decade, CD-510
Incredible Journey, CD-451
Latin from Manhattan, CD-523
One Music, CD-488
Only in New York, CD-501
Spectrum, CD-461
Urban Contours, CD-467

Joe Morello
Going Places, CD-497
Morello Standard Time, CD-506

Gerry Niewood
Share My Dream, CD-450

Jim Pugh & Dave Taylor
The Pugh–Taylor Project, CD-448

Thom Rotella
Home Again, CD-469
Platinum Melodies, CD-516*
TRB, CD-460
TRB Gold, CD-9001
Without Words, CD-476

Thursday Diva
Follow Me, CD-509

John Tropea
New York Cats Direct, CD-453
New York Cats Direct Gold, CD-9003

Vinny Valentino & Hear No Evil
Now and Again, CD-3003

The Vivino Brothers
Chitlins Parmigiana, CD-492

Jerry Vivino
Something Borrowed Something Blue, CD-513*

The DMP Collection
DMP Music Catalog, CD-1758
A Taste of DMP, CD-466
A 20-Bit Taste of DMP, CD-1757
* DTS surround-sound CD
** DSD-mastered CD

hollowman's picture

Digital recording won over respectable companies like dmp and Telarc for important (= audiophile) reasons. And this appreciation for digital recording dates as far back as the late 1970s (as noted in this article).

Recording engineers like Tony Faulkner and Alan Parsons have, similarly, endorsed digital recording AND playback for decades.

It's important to note this in light of analog/vinyl's strange renaissance.

dalethorn's picture

Not so strange when you mention vinyl to disparate people who are musically aware but aren't audiophiles, and get a fairly consistent report of "something musical" that's "not quite there 100 percent" in digital - or at the very least, digital that's found in all but the very exclusive hifi shops. And it's not just vinyl - audiophiles are spending big on tube amps these days. As long as the focus is on digital "accuracy and resolution" only, we might continue to miss that something.