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Considering this is purely armature and that I have no professionally interest whatsoever in this design. It took me less than 2 weeks from conception to completed. I think we need to ask some serious questions to the people we pay for our professional designs. OK, either I have been extremely lucky or an exceptionally talented designer (not likely) or the majority of today’s designs are taking us for the money. Your choice, any additional details are freely available on this design.

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This project does show that if you use well behaved drivers in a "textbook Rules" type design, you get textbook results. Great job!

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Thanks, yes, sometimes it just works with the right components and compromises.

I've build a pair now and done some work on eliminating cabinet resonances. These little speakers got exceptional imaging capabilities. But of course they are severely limited on low frequency extension and dynamics, when ignoring that I'd say they give a good challenge to my main PSB Synchrony Ones in detail and imaging.

Anyway, they are much better than I expected, but I'm back to my main project: a high efficiency speaker with less of the usual compromises, that is really a tough challenge.

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