Threshold T-200 power amplifier System

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I had the Threshold T-200 in my system, on and off, for more than eight months. For me, this is an unusually long evaluation period, necessitated by a variety of interruptions, including doing Home Theater reviews (for the Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, natch), and some Follow-Ups on other equipment. During this time, components in my system kept changing, with consequent need to "recalibrate" my ears. Unlike most amps I've had experience with, the T-200 didn't seem to require a break-in period—perhaps because the review sample had been listened to extensively at the factory. There was also very little warm-up effect, the sound quality stabilizing within minutes of the amp being turned on. (That thermal-bias tracking circuit must be doing a good job.)

The analog front-end throughout was the trusty Linn Sondek LP12, updated with the Lingo power supply, Trampolin suspension, and Circus bearing/subchassis, with the stock felt mat replaced by a QR/DNM Design Ringmat 330 (Mk.II version near the end of the review period (footnote 1). Cartridge was an AudioQuest AQ7000nsx mounted in a Linn Ittok. Digital source was a PS Audio Lambda transport initially combined with a PS Audio UltraLink II, then a Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 via a Sonic Frontiers UltraJitterbug. A Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 Signature and a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 served as preamps. Interconnects, digital links (AES/EBU), power cables, and speaker cables were mostly the latest generation TARA Labs RSC, with some use also made of Dunlavy Audio Labs' Z-8 speaker cable.

Speakers included the Audio Physic Tempo, later with its companion DSP box, and the Dunlavy SC-IV—first the original, then the revised version. My room is equipped with two sets of dedicated AC lines. The Threshold T-200 was plugged directly into one of the two dedicated AC outlets in my 14' by 16' by 7½' listening room; the rest of the equipment was plugged into the other, with the digital equipment plugged into a Tice Series II Power Block line conditioner.—Robert Deutsch

Footnote 1: Sam Tellig scooped me on this one (see Vol.18 No.1). He's right in his assessment of the Mk.II as an improvement on the original, but he's mistaken in referring to me as a follower of the Linn Church. In matters audio, I'm strictly an agnostic, even if I do use a certain loudspeaker cable that's said to be the favorite of the Supreme Being (and I don't mean Ivor Tiefenbrun).
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