Tannoy's Canterbury GR

Now, that's a real speaker! Unless you examine it, or read the literature on the Tannoy Canterbury GR ($30,000/pair), you might think that you're looking at a speaker made more than a half-century ago: a very substantial floorstander that's wide as well as deep, making no concession to modern speaker design ideas like keeping as narrow a front baffle as possible.

The Canterbury GR still uses a 15" dual-concentric driver, but the product literature describes a host of technical improvements that bring the speaker into the 21st century. Driven by Cary Audio tube electronics, the pair of Canterbury GRs at SSI 2014, while having a bit more "character" than the best contemporary designs, certainly didn't sound like a relic, and was nothing if not easy on the ears.

jimtavegia's picture

Other than having to move them around, I would think that AD would love to review these. I can almost hear the delivery guy muttering to himself when he sees Art's driveway, hopefully with no snow. 

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And if Art's driveway isn't the impediment, maybe the back door will be... @1100 x 680 x 480 mm (43.31 x 26.77 x 18.90”) .  Yet I would appeciate his comments on the sonics, even if they have to be played on the front lawn.  At least they stand a better chance of entry than the Westminster GR @ 1395 x 980 x 560 mm (54.92 x 38.58 x 22.05”) .

Happy Listening! ;^)>