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Subscriber Services - Anybody There?

I am posting this here because I did not receive any reply to my emails to Stereophile Suscription Dept and the Subscriber Services section of this website doesn't seem to be working properly.

To make a long story short...

A few days ago I received a postcard informing me that there was a problem with the payment of my subscription to the printed magazine.

I opened a new account to be able to access customer service and added a new credit card, but when I reviewed the cost of the subscription for 36 issues to the printed magazine shown in the email (126.97) and the cost shown in my account (87.97 for apparently 24 issues), I saw that they are not competitive with the current offer in which for a cost of 72.99 dollars I would get 24 numbers at a much lower unit price and with the addition of the digital magazine. So I did not place any order and erased the CC info from the system.

Should I place a new suscription order and take advantage of the better price or is there any special offer for 36 issues that I am not aware of for an old and loyal subscriber ?

If yes, please let me know what are the options and how to proceed to avoid missing any magazines.



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Subscription Issues Myself

I am a long time subscriber but, experienced difficulties as the mailed "offer" is a much higher price than purchasing online. The site would not let me log in and the examples of the how to read your account number do not match my label on my magazine. The most frustrating experience I have ever had trying to remain subscribed.

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