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Sterophile's Greta Thunberg retweet

Deeply disappointed by your publication's decision to retweet the swedish metal video.I have loved reading Sterophile for many years and own beautiful hi fi because I have learned so much from people like Herb Reichert. Now I have to leave. It feels like moving away from a place you love. Jerks.

Jim Austin
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I'm sorry you took offense
Obviously we saw it very differently. To me the tweet seemed harmless and fun. I'll be sorry to see you go.

My Best,

Jim Austin, Editor

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It was just Humor mate. No matter what your opinion of this Actress is, It is just funny. I think people just need to learn to agree to disagree. Find me two Humans and I will show you the things they disagree about. But it is you that chooses to be tribal about the things you care about and God forbid someone makes a joke about it, they are not worthy of your friendship anymore, they loose you?

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He leaves.....

......and I arrive. It WAS funny.

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Very rare for Millennials

Very rare for Millennials today to exhibit such quality as being able to laugh at themselves:

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well boo-hoo

well boo-hoo

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