SOTA Comet turntable System

Sidebar 1: System

My reference system is not what I'd expect the prospective Comet purchaser to own. Much to its credit, however, the Comet was not intimidated by the lofty components with which it shared shelf space. In fact, it acquitted itself quite well (more about that later). The phono signal from my reference turntable—a Well-Tempered Turntable sporting the new Black Damped Platter, with a Roksan Shiraz MC cartridge strapped to the arm—is handled by Counterpoint's impressive, two-chassis SA-9 Isolinear Phono Equalizer. Since the SA-9 has inputs for both MM and MC cartridges, it was relatively easy to switch back and forth between the Comet and the WTT.

From the SA-9, the signal was routed to either Sonic Frontier's SFL-1 preamplifier or a line-level input on VTL's Ultimate preamp, which passed it on either to a pair of Manley Reference 100W/200W Triode Switchable Monoblock amplifiers or to Ensemble's Corifeo 100Wpc stereo amp. The signal ended at the binding posts of a pair of Mirage M-3si loudspeakers. RSC Master or Discovery Cable interconnect from TARA Labs was used throughout the system, with TARA's RSC speaker cable being the last link.—Guy Lemcoe

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I'm not sure why these historical reviews are included on the site. I guess it's fun to read about old gear and be shocked by the old prices but is that it? I'd appreciate some modern commentary that puts the review into some sort of historical context. If the original reviewer is still on staff, how about some updated thoughts? How does that old SOTA turntable compare to comparably priced (adjusted for inflation) models of today. Is it a classic? Would it be worthwhile to search out a used one? How has the state of the art changed since this model was introduced?

In other words, context please.

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mmole wrote:
I'm not sure why these historical reviews are included on the site.

It's part of of our continuing project to eventually have every review from Stereophile's 55 years of publishing available on-line. From looking at the page-view data, these reviews are more popular than might be thought.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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A database of 55 years of Stereophile reviews is wonderful. I support this effort 100%.

But when you do publish a review from the archives on the main page, it would be nice to see some commentary that puts the piece of gear in the context of its era and its place in audio history.

As always, your response to my initial query and your active participation with your readership is most appreciated.

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John, putting all reviews online is a splendid project. A great idea!



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Love reading JGH's (and other great Stereophile writer's) thoughts on classic pieces of audiophile equipment. It's illuminating for a slew of reasons.

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I'm in the " vintage stuff is great " camp John , i do enjoy reading these old reviews , Bring them on ...