The Smaller Advent loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: VPI TNT IV turntable, Immedia RPM tonearm, Koetsu Urushi cartridge; Rega Planar 3 turntable, Syrinx PU-3 tonearm, Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood, Aurum Beta S cartridges.
Digital Sources: Lector CDP-7T, California Audio Labs Icon Mk.II Power Boss, Creek CD53 Mk.II CD players; Pioneer DV-333 DVD player.
Preamplification: Vendetta Research SCP-2D phono stage, AudioValve Eklipse line stage.
Power Amplifier: Audio Research VT100 Mk.II.
Integrated Amplifier: Creek 5350SE.
Loudspeakers: Amphion Helium2, Epos M5, Infinity Primus 150.
Cables: Interconnect: MIT MI-350 CVTwin Terminator, MIT MI-330SG, MIT Terminator. Speaker: Acarian Systems Black Orpheus.
Accessories: Various by ASC, Bright Star, Celestion, Echo Busters, Salamander Designs, Simply Physics, Sound Anchor, VPI.—Robert J. Reina

Advent Corporation
Advent is long out of business

dalethorn's picture

I bought the Small Advents when they were introduced, from AudioCraft in Cleveland. I completely believed the advance publicity on the Small Advents, i.e. bass response essentially the same as the original Advent speaker. But although I can't find the pertinent review on the Web right now, I clearly remember a statement in the review by one of the larger-circulation magazines I read back then (Audio, High Fidelity, or Stereo Review): "Response at 30 hz was mostly doubling". It rather shattered my confidence in engineering-speak for some time afterward.

Halford Loudspeakers's picture

I have always wished that this article could have been written about a pair of Smaller Advents that had been properly refoamed rather than having the hatchet job that was perpetrated on them. The proper 9" edge is readily available to all speaker repair professionals and that same person would know how to properly prep, shim, and use the proper adhesives and then reinstall using Mortite as had been originally used. The list of ways that the speaker pictured was improperly done includes, being trimmed down and overlapped, being glued onto the topside of the cone rather than the back side of the lip and being the wrong size roll and compliance. It is a testament to the miraculous engineering of Henry Kloss that this speaker could still impress with all of this mess having happened to it.