The September Stereophile Is Here!

Featuring Mytek's MQA-equipped Manhattan II D/A preamplifier-headphone amplifier on its cover, our new issue—132 pages of awesome—is jam-packed with good stuff. There are reviews of Ayre's QX-5 Twenty "digital hub," Kii's ground-breaking, DSP-optimized active speaker, amplifiers from Bel Canto and Octave, and preamplifiers from Shindo and Sutherland. Jim Austin interviews Pass Labs' onlie begetter, veteran engineer Nelson Pass. Robert Baird surveys audiophile-quality reissues of horror-film soundtracks. Mikey Fremer visits revitalized SME in the UK. And kicking it all off, Art Dudley condemns CD player manufacturers who neglect their customers in the long term.

Dig into the September issue now. And let us know what you think here.

tonykaz's picture

Geez, a double treat.

I've been impatient to hear about that Mytek, here it is, finally!!!

Never been a 6550/12au7 fan but I am excited to read about this NEW Octave ( the only one with a headphone output ) I hope the reviewer is able to explore the full feature set of this exciting option to the wonderful ( Chinesium based ) Luna. Octave is from das Faterland!

Fingers crossed, baited breath, hoping the issue arrives tomorrow ( Monday ).

Tony in Michigan

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Is anyone else suddenly having problems with the intunes Stereophile app since the arrival of this issue ?
I'm presented with a banner, instead of my library, I can't login, not recognized. The banner instructs current subscribers to go to setting and restore issues....." this will take a few minutes " hour later...nothing

volvic's picture

When I first went digital several years back, Zinio was painfully slow at updating. For the last year and a half all issues have been resolved and I get my issue long before anyone receives theirs in the mail.

bigrasshopper's picture

That's good to know, I abandoned zinio for those very reasons and switched to iTunes newsstand which has been fine until this issue. I sent an email to support from the setting page of the app. 24 hours ago and still no response, no way to view current or previously purchased issues. If it continues I suppose I can ask for a refund from apple and try to repurchase, I renewed my subscription in May. Very Frusrating

Axiom05's picture

I decided to subscribe to the paper edition as it seemed to arrive before the digital edition (former digital subscriber), however I'm still waiting for the September issue to arrive. It appears that articles from the September issue are already being posted on the web site, so what is the point of subscribing?

John Atkinson's picture
Axiom05 wrote:
I decided to subscribe to the paper edition as it seemed to arrive before the digital edition (former digital subscriber), however I'm still waiting for the September issue to arrive.

You should have received your copy by now. (I received mine a week ago.) The printer dropships magazines in bulk to local distribution centers, where they go in the US Mail. Delivery after that point is not always reliable.

Email me your street address at JAtkinson @ and I'll put another September issue in the mail to you. If it arrives after your regular issue, please pass it on to someone would appreciate it.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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May I suggest if you do end up with two copies, to drop one off at a doctor's or dentist's waiting room. At least around here, the available periodicals for waiting patients and their companions for male visitors is sparse or non-existant, and who knows ... maybe some female visitors might find it interesting versus the lightweight women's magazines that tend to populate these spaces. If someone sneaks it out and takes it home, all the better, showing a more than passing interest is certainly a plus for our hobby if not those who would find themselves in that waiting room afterwards.