Schiit Audio Bifrost D/A processor Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Sources: Apple MacBook Pro computer (2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD) running OS 10.6.7, iTunes 10.6, Sonic Studio Amarra Computer Music Player 2.5, Songbird 1.9.3, XLD; Western Digital NAS Device 2TB; Oppo BDP-103 universal Blu-ray player; Meridian (formerly Sooloos) Digital Media System (Control 15, TwinStore x3); Apple iPad 2, 3 (or "New iPad" or latest or HD or Retina or whatever); Apple iPod Touch 1G, Apple iPhone 4S.
D/A Converters: Benchmark DAC1 USB, M2Tech Young with Palmer power supply, AudioQuest DragonFly, Wadia 121.
Preamplifier: Marantz AV7005 in Pure Direct Mode.
Power Amplifier: Classé CAM 350 monoblocks.
Loudspeakers: MartinLogan Prodigy & two Descent subwoofers.
Cables: USB: Cardas Clear. Interconnect (S/PDIF): Cardas Neutral Reference, XLO. Interconnect (line-level): various Kimber Kable, XLO HT Pro. Speaker: Kimber Kable BiFocal XL. AC: manufacturers' own.
AC Power: Dedicated 40A line (amplifiers), separate dedicated 15A lines (digital & analog components).—Jon Iverson

Schiit Audio
22504 Sixth Street
Newhall, CA 91321
(323) 230-0079

Utopianemo's picture

So are you saying that compared to the MSB Diamond, the Bifrost sounds pretty Schiitty? 

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Gosh, had an opportunity to hear Schiit at the Newport Show and missed it. Too busy sifting through the wall of vinyl nearby. A big Voodoo powercord would look pretty cool attached to that Schiit. I plan to pass my system down to my sister's kid also.

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A good review gives me the facts I need - how does it sound, how does it work, any caveats etc. But a great review does that and also teaches me things - not just what but why and how. The kind of look-inside and comparisons to other DACs this article does is a good teach and learn. Add to that the extra effort in getting the improved version and reporting on it - makes it all worthwhile. Thanks.

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nice to see bifrost can compete with DACs twice its price. and from the measurements above looks like usb input has better (lower) noise floor than spdif. this makes me interested in its "bigger brother", schiit gungnir. any chance you guys will review gungnir ?