Sandy Gross to Present Triton References in New Jersey Saturday

Saturday August 26, from 1–5pm, Sandy Gross, President of GoldenEar Technology, will be presenting GoldenEar's new flagship Triton Reference loudspeaker at New Jersey retailer Electronics Expo (491 US 46 West, Wayne NJ). The Triton Reference sits above Stereophile's "Joint Loudspeaker of 2015", the Triton One, which is still very much current and available. Stereophile reviewer Robert Deutsch wrote after hearing the Triton Reference at their debut at last January's CES, "The Triton Reference presents a serious challenge to speakers in the multi-$10k range. . ." Saturday's event will be a good opportunity for New Jersey audiophiles to hear the T Refs, judge the speakers for themselves, and discuss the speakers with Sandy.

Please RSVP by calling (973) 785-1112 or by clicking here.

Stereophile's editor, John Atkinson, currently has a pair of Triton References in his listening room, in preparation for a full review to appear in our January 2018 issue.

avanti1960's picture

Develop a fully active model. They already contain active bass drivers, adding another amp or two should not be a difficult leap. Passive crossovers to start and then integrate some DSP and you have competition with the recently heralded Kii Audio offerings.
Probably already in the works....

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Good beer, awful setup. Utterly disorganized, vendor rep was busy (literally) selling coffee machines while I was trying to listen to speakers. Also had a Hifiman headphone demo at the same time; the 300B tube headphone amp was dysfunctional--the left channel was barely audible and nothing was done to correct it even after suggesting that the tubes were bad. Further, the headphones were in the line of fire of the Golden Ear speaker demo so one was hearing 2 different programs at the same time while trying to listen to $4,000 headphones. No ability to play vinyl anywhere int he store related to the demos. Seemed from Sandy Gross' expression that it was not what he had banked on either. BTW, the speakers, to the extent I could hear them, sounded awful. Nothing was done by the retailer to make the speakers perform well. A disgrace and absolute waste of time.