Recording of December 1977: Jim Hall Live!

Jim Hall: Jim Hall Live!
Jim Hall, guitar, Don Thompson, double bass, Terry Clarke, drums.
Horizon Records: A&M SP-705 (LP), reissued on CD as Horizon SP-705. John Snyder, prod., Don Thompson, eng. TT: 41:29.

These performances were taped by the double-bass player, Don Thompson, during a week's stand in June 1975 at Bourbon Street, Toronto, Canada. They are very closely miked, yet audience noises are audible although they seem to enhance rather than detract from the music. The balances are fascinating. Although one feels from the closeness as if one is listening to this trio from next to one of the players, the balance never goes awry. For those who enjoy taping live performances in nightclub settings. I heartily recommend this disc.—Margaret Graham (footnote 1)

Footnote 1: Margaret Graham was the pen-name of Stereophile founder J. Gordon Holt's wife Polly. This review was one of the first Polly wrote for the magazine. A harpsichord player, Polly passed away in 1989. "Her maiden name was Norton, as in the Charles Eliot Norton lecture series at Harvard—a member of a very famous Cambridge family and a 'very smart woman,'" remembers Larry Archibald, Stereophile's publisher 1982–1998.—John Atkinson

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Big JH fan here. This is an excellent disc in any format.
Equally important, a few years back the rest of this set on CD was released via Artistshare. 5-stars.