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Receiver help

Hey guys this is my first post here and ill try to be quick. I have a pioneer sx3700 receiver that ive had for 12 years and had no problems with it until recently when both speakers that were hooked up to the right channels(i have 4 speakers hooked up total) started producing Static

i tried changing speaker wires which actually made it sound worse and just to rule out the speakers themselves i hooked them up to another receiver and they worked just fine so im guessing its something to do with the speaker inputs on the back of the sx3700 im just not sure what to do about it as dealing with stuff like this isnt my lever of expertise.

Should i try deoxing it? Does it sound like it needs to be serviced? Any feedback i can get would be much appreciated. For now i just have 2 speakers going that are hooked up to the left channel that still works just fine.

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It sounds like there's

It sounds like there's something seriously wrong with the right channel of your receiver. It's probably more than some sort of oxidation issue. If you decide to repair the receiver make sure to send it to an authorized Pioneer technician. Back in the day (c. 1973) I was the proud owner of a Dynaco 120 amplifier that drove my larger Advent speakers. When it stopped working (heralded by silence or gross distortion? I've forgotten) I discovered that some critter (probably a ground squirrel) had chewed through my speaker wires causing a short in the amp. I took it to an electronics shop and they said the output transistors were blown and replaced them. The amp worked but never sounded the same again so I traded it in on a Mac that I kept for almost 20 years. I also put screens on my windows. Looking back on it I suspect that my repairman used transistors with the correct value but of lesser quality than Dynaco used. It may also be possible that the short blew the fuse in the amp (and not the transistors) and that my repairman lied so that he could get a bigger pay day.

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