Raidho and Rowland

In one of the rooms sponsored by Audio Pathways, the always-impressive yet consistently difficult-to-photograph-in-the-dark Raidho Acoustics C1.1 loudspeakers ($CAD18,000/pair) sounded excellent with a slightly-less-photo-phobic Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 integrated amp ($10,500), set up with Transparent cabling.

soliver40's picture

Maybe they changed model during the week-end but on the friday I visited It was the new Raidho X-1 that were coupled with the Rowland integrated and the Bel Canto dac. 

Quite possibly the best sound of the show in my opinion. The small and handsome X-1 were incredibly impressive and musical (whatever that means and It means a lot to me). They sure sounded big for such small speakers. 

Next door to the Raidho was the unusual french Leedh, another tiny speaker that were just as impressive (If not more) and musical as the Raidho. Very expensive though (28K I think). 

My 2 favorites rooms of the show. Small factor, big sound. Less is more.