Pro-Ject's little audio boxes

Pro-Ject easily wins the competition for who can offer the greatest number and variety of little audio boxes. With their range of turntables distributed around the room, they had an entire large wall covered with their devices, DACs, CD players, preamps, mono- and stereo-amps, switches, power supplies, tuners, and phono stages. They also had boxes with combinations and permutations of these functions and most of them came in more than one of their various ranges, E, S, DS, DS+ and RS, in order of feature set and price. I was most intrigued by their Stream Box DS music streamers, all of which handle up to 24/192 via WiFi, LAN and USB and offer Internet radio via vTuner as well as Spotify and other streaming sources. A 3.5" TFT color display shows text and album art. As you go up the line, you can add iOS and Android control, ALAC support, analog and digital inputs or, even, built in power amps. Prices start at under $1000.

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I am looking for a replacement for my Squeezebox Touch.
I've seen many come and go and for some reason I always come with Project Streambox DS, probably because I already had devices from Pro-Ject.
In my search I kept getting stuck, apparently difficult to replace the squeezebox with something better.
- I want the streamer can be controlled from my laptop computer not only with ipad or something
- A Windows app is important
- He must be able to see and read my Nas even if my PC/laptop is not in use.
- It should have a high audio quality to use with a Music Fidelity M1dac and highend installation
Recently I was at a dealer of Simple Audio who was proud of the roomplayer of it. Indeed nice apps, including Windows, I once asked to search for "Radio Paradise" and yes, he found the station, however, found him just at 128kbps and without artwork of what was playing.
On my squeezebox I Radio Paradise at 128 and 192kbps, and a cover of the song played (album).
Best regards, Fernand