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PMC Twenty5.24 vs PMC Fact 8

Any people acquainted with PMC here?
I was just demoed the PMC twenty5 24 speakers (new generation) and was offered a pretty good deal by the shop (in my area). I've already heard these and I know I like the full body sound of them. On the other hand, about 5 hours drive away from here there are a couple of used PMC fact8 (6 months old)for sale that's even cheaper than the twenty5 24.
Just looking at pricing the fact8 costs about 40% more new - but the used ones are even cheaper than the new twenty5 24 speakers from the dealer.
Basically I'm hoping someone can chime in on the fact8 as it'll be hard for me to demo them before buying. Do they have the same full body sound? What are the pros and cons? (can't find many articles).
No matter which pair I get I'll be running them with a Moon 340i.
Any feedback is much appreciated!

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