Out Now: the First Issue of the Summer

Our July issue hits newsstands and mailboxes this weekend. Jason Victor Serinus kicks things off by asking whether CES will remain a major show for high-end audio, but occupying pride of place on the cover is Zu Audio's Soul Supreme speaker. A big paper-cone driver (with a whizzer cone) operated full-range—we all know that can't work, right. But Herb Reichert and John Atkinson found their preconceptions blown away by the sound.

Ken Micallef lives with the Italian Unison Research Unico Primo amplifier; Brian Damkroger rewires his system with Nordost Valhalla2 cables; John Atkinson ups his personal listening game with a Pass Labs headphone amplifier and Audeze's $4000 headphones—yes $4000; and Jim Austin cleans up his AC with a PS Audio PowerPlant. Add our regular departments—Art Dudley's "Listening," Michael Fremer's "Analog Corner," Kalman Rubinson's "Music in the Round," Robert Baird's "Aural Robert," and "Record Reviews," and you'll see why we think why reading the July Stereophile/I> will keep you busy for hours of summer fun.