The November Issue is Here

With no fewer than 42 pages of audio equipment coverage! Astell&Kern's Ultimate potable player is featured on the cover and gets a workout from Mikey Fremer on multiple road trips. On the domestic front, we have reviews of digital products from Naim, Oppo, and Benchmark, Reed's Muse 3C turntable, and amplification from Rogue and Margules, while Jim Austin lives with Devialet's groundbreaking Phantom Gold wireless speakers.

The issue kicks off with an examination of the reviewer's role, while on the music side of things, Robert Baird comes to grips with the reissue of the Rolling Stones' weirdest album, Their Satanic Majesties Request . . .. Add readers' letters, industry news, record reviews, and the regular columns and you'll understand why we feel the November 2017 Stereophile has a lot of good stuff.

tonykaz's picture

That's some bad Karma,

can this go somewhere useful?, like Analog Planet going Digital.

Tony in Michigan

Kal Rubinson's picture

Interesting how people live in different worlds. My response was to the suggestion that one could slurp up the player.

tonykaz's picture

I only own an iMac so I get my downloads from it's outboard disc reader/burner.

But I've been considering those Oppo players.

I don't quite know if you went positive on this thing but I figure that you wouldn't have the machine unless you found it useful.

So, if I read you System list and that Oppo is included, I'll figure that you went strongly in-favor.

I have to say that I felt your music reviews worthwhile. Making me ponder a little 5.1 system. Hmm

Tony in Michigan

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Love your new photo, Kal. Lookin' sharp.

Kal Rubinson's picture

Thanks. It was taken at a nice little Italian restaurant in Copenhagen in the course of my visit to B&O.

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I learned to appreciate Satanic Majesties more when I learned that the original title was Her Satanic Majesty Requests (a pun on the British passport?). Anyway, I found Bill Wyman's In Another Land a fun listen, from the time I bought the 45 RPM single those decades ago. Citadel BTW is a great blues song - a real credit to what the Stones were capable of. The rest of the album is something for a rare mood.