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NJ Audio Society October, 2010 Meeting Details

The New Jersey Audio Society is pleased to announce its October meeting!

The theme is DIY electronics.

We will be welcoming Mr. Bob Cordell, who will introduce his new book on Class-D amplifier design.

Our host, Jack Walton, will be bringing his system to provide music, so please bring any music you'd like to hear.

Jack describes his system: " DIY Pass Class-A Amplifiers, including F5, F4; my version of Stu Yaniger's Balanced Tube "Impasse" Preamp, a stock and modified Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier. Sources will include my Sony XA5400ES player and a Linn LP-12, but I would welcome other programming material. Speakers will include the DIY Mass Loaded "Thor's", my Pioneer-TAD S3ex if I can find some incredible hulk to help me move them, and recently fitted out Fostex "Metronomes". I will put black electrical tape on the Pioneer logo so that the cognoscenti won't be offended. My tastes in music run to opera and choral music so I would encourage others to bring music for their ears. I could bring my Pioneer SX-1250 to demonstrate a truly offensive phono preamplifier."

Other members plan to bring their DIY creations to connect to Jack's system as well.

Also, we will have our annual swap meet. All are welcome to bring and offer for sale or trade electronic components, hifi gear, CDs, LPs, etc., anything audio-related.

Dues are $30.00/year, and guests are welcome to try out the NJAS by attending a meeting prior to becomming a member.

The meeting will be held on Sunday, October 24th, at 2:00 p.m., in the basement of Our Lady of Sorrows Church, 217 Prospect Street, South Orange, NJ (side entrance on 4th Street).

Please private message or post any questions.

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