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Newby first system recomendations

Hi all,

I'm new to this hobby and exploring building my first decent setup.

My initial question mostly revolve around limitations of Spotify streaming source audio, and if makes sense to invest in higher end equipment given the lower quality of this source. I really like the convenience of Spotify, so def prefer to stick with it as my source for music.

Frankly I have a lot of questions and driving myself a bit crazy being obsessed with researching different things online. Kind of fun but exhausting :) I realize auditioning different things would be ideal, but for now I'm going to have to stick to theory.

So, here is one scenario I am considering, maybe folks can give me opinion on good, bad, unnecessary...

-Raspberry Pi 4 with DigiOne Signature, used to stream Spotify
-Out of DigiOne Signature into Schitt Modi 3
-Out of Modi 3 into Schitt Saga + preamp (I like the idea of tube preamp)
-Out of Saga + into Schitt Vidar Class AB 100W x2 amp
-Out of Vidar into Klipsch RP-8000F tower speakers

Feel free to comment on any part of this proposed system, but mainly I'm curious if the DigiOne Signature is overkill given the source is Spotify. Maybe I would get same quality using an Allo Boss DAC Hat and going straight into Saga preamp.

Part of my "problem" is budget really isn't much of a concern, but I'd rather not waste money on things that wont make any difference when just streaming spotify.

Anyhow, I hope that wasn't to long and drawn out, any thoughts?



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What are your music listening goals?

On first blush, overkill!

What are your music listening goals? If convenience more than fidelity, you're better of with use of resources with lower cost options. As an aside, I've been using Pandora, free version, for music streaming into a decent (mid) quality audio setup. Even at that relatively low Pandora resolution, there is a HUGE difference in audio quality between the tracks Pandora plays - some flat sounding, some very dynamic and crisp. So I'm thinking that even with Spotify resolution, if you want fidelity you might be on target with the direction you're headed. Also consider that since you're newish to audio, your source preferences may change to higher quality than what Spotify offers.

Another thought. Some streamers offer fidelity/bandwidth upgrades. I don't know if Spotify does or not. I believe both Pandora and Amazon do. But I'm not sure if for casual listening, speaking for myself, I would be paying enough attention to discern the difference.

Just for reference, my system is comprised of an Outlaw Audio receiver (2-channel), Definitive Tower Speakers (powered woof - mid model), Onyko CD player, Logitech streaming radio, and various phone/tablet source players. Oh, and depending on if my wife is out of the house, a Hsu sub.

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