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Newbie trying to make it work (kinda)

Hey everybody :)

First of all:
Im 23 years old and always played multiple Instruments, therefore loved music.
Now I kinda came in touch with the HI-FI community and am trying to build my first kinda audiophile setup!

I have a Vintage JBL L40 pair of speakers which are in perfect condition. in addition i have a Yamaha RDX-E600. now the speakers are rated at 8 Ohms and the only info about the RDX i could find says: (4Ohm, 1kHz, 0,7%THD): 60W+60W

Can i safely drive those speakers or is there something im missing?

Next i wanna listen to all the beautiful losseless (FLAC) files i collected for some monts now, but how do i bring the signal to the amp in the best way? do i need an extra DAC?

I also have a Pioneer X-HM11 but i dont think this will help? :D

Sry for all the questions but im trying to make it the best way possible without spending money on any usless stuff :)

Thank you so much in advance!!
Stay save (and healthy)

Cheers from Switzerland

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