New Tannoys

The name Tannoy is, of course, synonymous with "Dual Concentric" and their classic designs were in full display and demonstration. Off to the side, however, they were showing their new Precision range of more affordable designs, which are based on a new implementation of the Dual Concentric concept in a 6" driver that incorporates a wide-band tweeter. I got a chance to hear the smallest model, the 6.1, and despite it using only that one remarkable driver, saw the family resemblance in terms of fit and finish. As driven by Cary electronics, these also sounded like real Tannoys and are priced at $1198/pair. The next step up, the 6.2 shown above, adds a second 6" driver to enhance the bass reproduction below 170Hz and, at $2396/pair, may be the real sweet spot in a series that also includes a larger 6.4 and a 6C center speaker. Need I mention that the Dual Concentric configuration is ideal for center-channel designs?