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New member here! Getting the Triangle BR-03...Need a preamp recommendations

Hi Stereophiles, My Name is Aaron and Im new to this community. I am not new to audio. I own a pair of Dali Helicon 400's( not working currently) that were being powered with a Parasound hca-1200. My source is primarily tidal running through a Teac nt-503 DAC. I have decided on getting some bookshelf speakers to get off the ground away from my crawling baby. I have decided on the triangle BR-03 speakers but need some help with the pre's. Im looking at the Shiit freya+ for $899 or the Iotavx stack for around $860 for both the Integrate/preamp and the poweramp. Help me lol my head is spinning. Do you think the Freya with my Parasound or all Iotavx would do these speakers more justice( i do understand that the freya parasound will have a more colored open signature as opposed to the more neutral Iotavx). Thanks for any insight from people that have owned/heard either of these pre's and or speaker.

Also I am open to other suggestions for components. My budget is under $1000 for the preamp/prepro stack. If i can get a pre and an amp that will serve me better than the parasound hca1200, by all means. Thanks again

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