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Need a CD storage recommendation :)

Hi , I am new to the group. My wife and I have about 3000 CD's that we have collected for many years. For the last 10 years, we have burned all of the CD's onto an Escient AVR-E400 (about $4000 new in 2008) Its was awesome. Took 3 minutes to burn, automatically downloaded the cover art and song titles from Gracenotes, and gave us beautiful GUI on our 65" TV where we had them sorted by Artist name. Click on the album, and it would show all the track titles. Click on the track, and music ! But...Escient finally folded, the harddrive and powersource are dead, and it cannot be fixed.

So, we are trying to figure out our next best option. We really liked seeing the album covers, and song titles on a GUI on our TV, and could select from the GUI on the TV (would be OK if we had to do this from an Ipad, but prefer it show on our TV). We have a brand new Samsung Q90R 82" QLED for TV, a brand new Deneon 2600X Receiver, B&W 700 Series Shelf Speakers, and Velodyne 8" sub (we are in a condo on the no serious audiophile equipment). So...looking for ideas that will give us something like we had with our long-lost Escient.

Thanks !

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Several Options


1a. Assuming the likelihood of re-ripping becomes reality, a convenient solution would be a Bluesound Vault 2i.

1b. If you want increased levels of metadata assurance, curation, and user interface experience, you could also see about incorporating Roon in to your delivery stream.

2. Personally, I would re-rip CDs using bit-perfect software and store the files on network-attached storage (NAS) that also has built-in media server features. (This has been my in-place solution for over 10 years.) Your Denon supports several protocols, so you could stream from the NAS directly to the AVR. (My preference and recommendation is to stream via DLNA.)

Recommend taking a look at the Synology DS218play as your NAS and media server solution.

3. Unless you have an abundance of rare or otherwise obscure physical media, an even more convenient solution would be to stream via subscription. Your Denon has native support for various streaming services. (FWIW, I switched from Tidal to Amazon Music HD and never looked back.)

Many other solution candidates, but I would caution you to stay away from proprietary technology.

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