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How do you like your 683s? What did you have before them that made you buy those?

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Before the 683's I had some old Boston towers. They were just ok. I like the 683's but I feel I made need to upgrade sooner than later to a slightly more powerful speaker.

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Nice! I really admire the NAD Master series. And of course you can't go wrong with B&W!

What are you saving the upper shelf in your your cabinet for?

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Thanks! Not sure what I am putting on that shelf. Any suggestions? Perhaps the NAD Master Series Tuner? I am mainly a digital source listener.

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I had one older NAD model until recently and it gave me many pleasant hours of listening. The NAD Master amp were among those I listened to before eventually choosing the Vincent I have now. It was a close call, they still a good choice for the 'poor audiophile'. =)

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