Myryad MDP 500 preamplifier-processor Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

This review was the first full Equipment Report conducted in my alternate listening space, a room 16' square with an 8' ceiling. These are terrible proportions—all the dimensions support the same standing-wave frequencies. I needed to install lots of damping—heavy velvet drapes on three windows, a large overstuffed sofa, an area rug—before the room became tolerable.

The main stereo speakers, Paradigm Reference Studio/60s, flank a library table bearing a 27" television, the speakers farther forward of the table. The center speaker, a Paradigm Reference Studio/CC, sits on the television. The Paradigm Reference Studio/20 surrounds are set in the rear corners at 45°, and sit high on Standesign BB75AH stands. My listening position is on the sofa, against the back wall; the Paradigm Reference Servo-15 powered subwoofer is just to the sofa's left.

A Target equipment stand in the left front corner of the room holds the source components: the Myryad MDP 500, a Technics SH-AC500D DTS/Dolby Digital decoder, and a Bryston 9B-ST-THX power amp. Source components were a Philips SACD1000 multichannel SACD player, a Technics DVD-A10 DVD-Audio player, and a California Audio Labs CL-20 DVD-V player.

Most of the interconnects were Goertz MicroPurl copper coax, except for the AudioStream A-400 cable that came with the Paradigm Servo-15. The Paradigm Studio/60s and Studio/CC were connected to the Bryston with 12' lengths of Goertz MI-2 copper, the Studio/20s with 35' runs of Monster Cable SuperFlat Mini along the room's left and rear sides. The coffee table in front of the sofa grows more remote controls by the week.—Kalman Rubinson

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