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Missing Fisher CD to Amplifier Remote enable cabling

I have a Fisher AD 870 CD player that can be used with Fisher remote when a 4 pin ribbon cable ( dual female) is connected between the CD player and my Fisher CA 861 Amplifier. Both the amplifier and the CD player have recessed 4 pin in a line sockets. The Fischer FM 862 tuner has a similar 5 pin ribbon wire that is internal on tuner but also plugs into amplifier for remote functionality. I need that cable, it may be generic rather than proprietary. Another question is would the ribbon cable be twisted to reverse the pins... or should it be plugged in a straight loop thereby plugging one tip upside down to achieve pin to pin connection?
I once owned a Pyle component system that also had a cd to amp remote cable.

Kal Rubinson
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It is impossible to answer

It is impossible to answer any of those questions without specific information such as the user's manual(s) and pictures of the connectors in question. In fact, the cable is likely generic but, as yet, undefined.

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