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Low Sound Output On New Cartridge

Very frustrating.

Turntable is an Audio Technica (T-LP120XUSB) and it has a phono pre-amp which I switched to line output. Plugging this into a 100W per channel receiver (Yamaha RS-201), using a Grado Black cartridge.

The former Grado had a much richer/higher level of sound output and I listened to music with the dial around 40. With this new Grado cartridge (5 mw, I think) I have to turn the volume up to 80 and it still sounds tinny/hollow. The supplied Audio Technica cartridge also had the same issue.

With the needle pointing up I've wired it as follows:

Top Left - Green
Top Right - Blue
Bottom Left - Red
Bottom Right - White

As pictured on this web site:

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Need more info

Additional info about cartridge models would help us identify the problem. I don't have this turntable, so my comments are guesses at what the issue may be.

Assuming the cartridges are magnetic, and needs RIAA equalization, and not a moving coil type of cartridge, the built-in preamp should be doing that and providing enough output for the Yamaha amp. Since you use the Line output from the turntable, that implies the output is at or near a 'line' level and has been RIAA-equalized. If you are hearing tinny and low output, then my guess is the preamp is not working properly.

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