The June Issue Hits Newsstands This Week

While Bowers & Wilkins' new 802 D3 Diamond loudspeaker, reviewed by Kalman Rubinson, takes pride of place on the cover of the June Stereophile, to judge from the many comments posted to our recent story on MQA, it will be Jim Austin's review of the MQA-capable Meridian Explorer2 on page 102 and John Atkinson's technical evaluation of MQA on page 108 that readers will turn to first.

And when they've read those, there are in-depth reviews of Ayre's Codex D/A headphone amplifier, Linear Tube Audio's MicroZOTL2.0 line stage/headphone amplifier, Marten's cost-no-object Coltrane 3 loudspeaker, and a new room acoustics treatment from PSI, and interviews with GoldenEar Technologies' Sandy Gross and super-sax player Colin Stetson to keep them engaged.

Kicking off this bumper 156-page issue is a satirical and undoubtedly controversial look at the pay-for-play editorial strategy that can be found on the Internet. Enjoy. And as always let us know what you think at

Bill Leebens's picture

Heavens, no! Cancel my subscription!!

Enrique Marlborough's picture

It is already canceled, but since when the heaven was Parasound.

findcount's picture

B&W has been recently sold off......shows marketing hype can only get you so far.....

Kal Rubinson's picture

Your wording implies that this was a forced sale due to failures at B&W. Have you bothered to investigate the actual circumstances?

Enrique Marlborough's picture

Diamonds are forever, but in the world of Stereophile.

Bill Leebens's picture

The deal is a good one that will allow B&W's market presence to grow and proliferate. "Sold off" implies it was a fire sale, which this most certainly was not.

I have no idea what findcount is saying--the statement is both snarky and nebulous. Perhaps a career in politics is in order.