On Its Way 2U: the February Issue

Hitting newsstands, tables, and mailboxes next week, the February 2017 issue features the 27th edition of our perennially popular "Records 2 Die 4," where the magazine's writers and editors each list two recordings that they will take with them when they go. And we haven't forgotten the hardware: John Atkinson waxes lyrical over the Magico S5 Mk.II speaker; Ken Micallef does likewise over the unique NEAT Iota Alpha; Mikey Fremer drives his Wilsons with humongous Boulder monoblocks; Art Dudley and Herb Reichert listen to idiosyncratic digital components from EAR and Schiit; and Herb Reichert auditions Rega's new Planar 3 LP player.

And there's more: Tyll Hertsens explores the future of headphones; Robert Baird reviews the 40th anniversary edition of The Band's live Last Waltz album; and John Atkinson ponders at what point does a component's price render it irrelevant to the magazine's readers.

This issue is a keeper!

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Can't wait to read.

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All of Stereophile's writers should chime in on this. The price of something being high does not make it irrelevant, just that I may not be able to afford it, or make a choice that the money would be better spent elsewhere. More to this than 2,500 words for sure. My ignoring something only makes it irrelevant...to me, and not to anyone else.

This is going to be a good one that will have us all talking.