It's the August Issue!

With Quad's reworking of Peter Walker's "Wonder," the full-range ESL-2912 electrostatic, featured on its cover. Inside you'll find John Atkinson on Rockport's Avior II loudspeaker; Herb Reichert on an affordable amplifier from Emotiva and cost-no-object headphones from Abyss; Art Dudley on a Bryston's CD player; Michael Fremer on Brinkmann's MQA-capable Nyquist DAC and Ortofon's Windfeld Ti cartridge; and Jim Austin on PS Audio's ultimate monoblock.

The August issue kicks off with Jason Victor Serinus declaring it's time we stopped referring to our shared love for recorded music with high-quality sound as a "hobby," while in the music section our "Recording of the Month" is a superb performance of works for piano by Rachmaninoff and Robert Baird reviews the remixed, remastered Beatles masterpiece, Sgt. Pepper's . . .

The August 2017 Stereophile is on newsstands, in mailboxes, and on tablets now. Check it out.

Glotz's picture

The new Quads are simply gorgeous, and seeing RD's room was really nice. Great review.

Mikey's Windfield TI review again shows great trickle-down from Ortofon.

Herb's review of the Abyss headphones was very fun as well. If I had the dosh... boom. I wonder if I am a Luddite if I am not a 'truth-to-sources' listener, but rather a 'truth-to-live' sound listener? Apparently so. I guess I should love the feeling of being at the very surface of the microphone, vs. listening from Row M or Row C or even Row T. To each, their own (or even their own whim of the moment, hence the .7 ownership).

Lastly, 'Sound-lover' seems appropriate, instead of 'hobbyist'.

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I never received the August issue of my subscription, and a second mailing went missing too. Stereophile has no more copies---does anyone know where I can get ahold of one?