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Intermittent popping in right speaker

I'll put the system info at the bottom but the problem that I'm having is that I hear a popping sound from time to time with music playing and also without. The volume turned off silences it and up makes it louder. when it "pops" the woofer on the right speaker moves outward and goes back in (nothing happens to the left). I isolated it to the dac being the culprit because I used only the OPPO without the dac (without issue) and I also used the Monarchy dips without the dac and there was popping. I tried 2 different sets of cables and to different preamp selector locations.

The system:
Krell KSA 100 power amp -> highs
McIntosh MC2300 power amp -> lows
Krell KCR 3 preamp
Monarchy Audio 96/24 dip ->
Monarchy Audio 48/96 upsampler ->
Musical fidelity Trivista 21 dac
Hales Transcendence 1 speakers
Kimber PBJ cables
Audio Prism power foundation 3
PAC idos (OPPO and the Trivista into the digital outlets)

ANY help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

r sherriff
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if you used it without the dac and with the dip and it was still popping how can you deduce it is the points to it being the dip...
did you also try swapping cables left with right both in and out of dip?

guess by now you will have sorted it but just in case.

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